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What exactly is the social security death index?


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The social security death index is a file that contains a record of all deceased persons who had a social security number. The list is updated weekly and contains the first and last name, social security number, birth date, death date, and last known residence of each individual.

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Anyone who holds a Social Security Card at the time of their death will be listed on the Social Security Death Index.

The Social Security Death Index is not updated on a set schedule but it is usually updated once a week. It currently contains over 89 million records.

Go to SSDI (Social Security Death Index) and it should be available there.

a social security number registered with the Death Index, or to the contrary, if the social security number provided is in fact valid, active and issued by the Social Security Administration

The social security index is a database of deceased persons in the United States identified by social security. The index is available for public access to find specific records.

Check newspaper archives from the area where the person died. Or you can try the Social Security Death Index if you have the person's social security #.

Copies of the Social Security Death Index are available from many online sources. There is a free copy on's Historical Record Collections. Some of the paid online subscription programs such as also have copies.

There are lots of places online where you can find information about the social security index. You can start by going to You should be able to find the information you require here.

No. Dollree Mapp, listed in the Social Security Death Index as Dollie Mapp, died in Cincinnati, OH in June 1981.

No there is not. You will have to email or phone the company that you go your social security from. You will have to check the company's website for their phone number and email information.

You can find access to death records by searching the Social Security Death Index. The following site you can visit to access this The other way is to look at obituaries to get information.

First search on They have many WWII and earlier records. Depending on how common the name, you'll need person's name, birth date, birth place, and residence before service. If person is deceased, you can search the Social Security Death Index on That will give you the social security number.

According to the Social Security Administration Average Wage Index it was $22,935.42.

My husband died in 2001 1)Lance K. TaylorBorn: 1975 Died: 2001 State issued: Illinoishe and others I know that have died are in this thing. I search for Tupac using his birth name as well as the name he had when he "died," and this is what the response was.Social Security Death IndexYour search for tupac shakur did not match any items in Social Security Death Index.Social Security Death IndexYour search for lesane crooks did not match any items in Social Security Death Index.Now, that being said... I have searched this before, and I saw there was a Tupac Shakur who died in 2010 somewhere in England... I think it was Devon England.He may not have died at that time, and was put in some kind of program to keep him alive being there were several attempts on his life. The WITSEC program is very real; and it's a real possibility he was in this program.

search for newspapers in the city where that relative lived ... and search their obituaries. go to the social security death index on the internet and type your relatives name in and see if you can find them there.

Online services can help you. These websites work with the Social Security Administration so that employers may be able to verify if a person is eligible for employment. You can even verify your own SSN on the Internet. If you are looking for the SSN of a deceased person, you can log on to a government website that shows the Social Security Death Index where you can search for the SSN of the people who died, at least, after 1963. You can check here for more informatiion about SSN and to answer your question.

No, he is on the social security death index and whatever happened to him is/was being investigated by the authorities there is too much legal stuff happening that can not be ignored or explained by saying these people are in on it.

A good place to start is the Social Security Death Index for the state in which the person passes away. You can GOOGLE this and it's free. GOOGLE will also show sites which will find information for a fee.

It depends on a lot of faoctrs. Social security is looking at a $10 trillion in debt 30 years from now. Does that mean a drastic cut in pay or will retirement be pushed back further? Social Security isn't as safe as people tell you. Also Bush allowed government index of bonds which are insured. It would be like having Social Security as far as benefits go. As far as the stock index goes or a stock/bond index goes, this is a buyer's market for stocks. Any DRIP in the index will actually be beneficial. If the index grew just 4% on average a year, it would actually be out performing Social Security benifits. Many utilities offer 3% or more in dividends and when the stock goes down, the percentage goes up. A straight stock index would have probably been bought into by the young, but the older ones would have went for the bond indexes or stock/bond indexes.

The Social Security Death Index is the easiest way. It can be accessed through numerous web sites. The most obvious is the SSIC government web site. There is a delay of several months for the information to be posted.

Dolree (or Dollree), listed as Dollie Mapp in the Social Security Death Index, was born in Alabama on April 15, 1915 and died in Cincinnati, Ohio, in June of 1981. She was 66 years old.

One can search Google Newspapers by last name and first name, as well as the date when the obituary was printed. In addition, for US residents one can use the Social Security Death Index to get further details.

The Social Security Death Index (SSDI) usually lists the last state and county of residence of the deceased. You can find the SSDI through a genealogy website or you can probably use Google to find it.

I have a feeling she got married b/c there is no death record from the social security index and no results in the publix index listing. however i might have a last name for you. email me back

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