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Blitzkrieg was a war tactic used by Hitler to strike and occupy areas quickly. Norway was occupied by Germany but Finland was not. Thus there was no blitzkrieg with Finland.

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Is Finland the capital of Norway?

No, Oslo is the capital of Norway. Finland is a country.

What is country is between Norway and Finland?

Sweden lies between Norway and Finland.

What is between Norway and Finland?

Norway and Finland share border up north!

What european country reaches above the arctic circle?

Norway,Sweden,Finland,and RussiaNorway, Sweden, Finland, RussiaNorway, Sweden, Finland, Russia

What four European countries extend north of the Arctic Circle?

Sweden, Norway, Finland, and RussiaNorway, Sweden, Finland, RussiaNorway, Sweden, Finland, Russia

Which is larger Finland or Norway?

Finland is larger than Norway in terms of both area and population.

Name the three Scandanavian countries?

Norway, Sweden, Finland. Norway Sweden and Denmark, not Finland

Which is larger Norway or Finland?

Finland is larger than Norway in terms of both area and population.

What is Christmas known as in Sweden Norway and Finland?

Norway: Jul Sweden: Jul Finland: Joulu

In Sweden Norway and Finland Christmas is known as?

In Sweden and in Norway its known as jul, and in Finland its known as joulu.

What is Christmas called in Sweedin Norway and Finland?

It's called "joulu" in Finland and "jul" in Sweden and Norway.

Norway Sweden Denmark and Finland are collectively called?

Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland AND Iceland are known as the Nordic countries Norway, Sweden and Denmark are known as Scandinavia Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland don't have a collective name.

What are the capitals of Norway Sweden Finland and Denmark?

Norway: OsloSweden: StockholmFinland: HelsinkiDenmark: Copenhagen

Next to Norway?

Next to Norway is Sweden, Finland, and Russia!

What neighbor Norway?

Norway borders to Sweeden, Finland, Russia,

Were Denmark Finland and Norway occupied by Germany in World War 2?

denmark, yes Norway, yes Finland, im not sure about but unless the Germans attacked Norway from boats, they had to go through Finland. unless Norway just up and surendered

What European countries extend beyond the Arctic Circle?

Finland,Norway,Sweden,RussiaNorway, Sweden, Finland, Russia

What three Northern European countries have land above the Arctic Circle?

Norway, Sweden, FinlandNorway, Sweden and Finland

What countries neighbor Norway?

Norway has a border to Sweden, Finland and Russia

What is the location in Finland?

Finland is in Northern Europe and to the east of Norway and Sweden.

In Sweden Norway and Finland as Christmas begins on December 13th?

in Sweden,Norway, and Finland, know as Christmas begins on December 13th

Is Sweden Norway Finland and Japan not a Scandinavian country?

Japan and Finland are not Scandinavian countries. Scandinavia consists of Denmark, Norway and Sweden.

What is the capital of the Scandinavian location between Norway and Finland?

Stockholm is the capital city of Sweden, the country located between Norway and Finland.

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