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bike riding is a good excercise but it does take a while

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Q: What exercises can you do if your butt looks big?
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Is there any exercises to get a round butt and big oobs?

Yes, eat a lot!

What are some good exercises to make your butt bigger?

If you lift your hand to your mouth and put a lot of sugar in there, your butt will get big :)

Does Ariana Grande have a big butt?

Its average but it looks nice

What butt exercises get you a smaller butt?

squats with butt steroids

What exercises can you do to make your butt smaller?

don't make it smaller. big butts are much better

How to get a big butt?

You can get a big butt by eating junk food like chips,soda,candy,etc.Or you can do butt exercises like squats.You also can wear some mini shorts under your jeans.

How do you keep your upper body fit but at the same time keep your butt really big?

== == So your "up top" exercises and eat right but at the same time turn your butt fat into muscle by doing squat and donkey kicks. there are many other butt exercises, that would be something to research.

How can you make your butt get big?

you can do exercises by sqeezing your buttcheeks together for 30-35 minutes hope i helped yona cat

What are the 5 exercises developing muscular?


What exercises tone your butt?

O.o ...? Squats...

How do you get your butt tighter?

Do exercises that develop the muscles around your butt area. From the compound lifts, deadlifts and squats are definitely the best exercises you can do. You can also isolating exercises for your glutes, like hip thrusts.

What are some exercises to reduce the size of a big butt?

Exercise alone will not reduce the backside, but losing weight in addition to exercise will help. Some exercises to help are step ups, lunges and squats.

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