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bike riding is a good excercise but it does take a while


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If you lift your hand to your mouth and put a lot of sugar in there, your butt will get big :)

Its average but it looks nice

don't make it smaller. big butts are much better

By eating junk food you do not get a big butt -_- you get fat try doing diffrent exersises to achevie this

== == So your "up top" exercises and eat right but at the same time turn your butt fat into muscle by doing squat and donkey kicks. there are many other butt exercises, that would be something to research.

you can do exercises by sqeezing your buttcheeks together for 30-35 minutes hope i helped yona cat

Do exercises that develop the muscles around your butt area. From the compound lifts, deadlifts and squats are definitely the best exercises you can do. You can also isolating exercises for your glutes, like hip thrusts.

Exercise alone will not reduce the backside, but losing weight in addition to exercise will help. Some exercises to help are step ups, lunges and squats.

He's checking you out or either you have a big rump. happens to me all the time.

a waffle that looks like a butt

Squats are a powerful exercise for the buns, and it will work the butt muscles.

Squats and other leg and thigh exercises.

Do exercises that slim and tone your thighs while lifting your rear. Examples - kickbacks, squats, hydrants... If your weight does not go to your butt when you gain, you just won't get a big butt. However, if your thighs are smaller you can appear to have more back there.

I think it is the black guys go for the white girls with big butts. The girls can't help how their butt looks and the size of the butt doesn't make you like a certain race.

It doesn't and it can't. Heredity determines where fat accumulates in an individuals body. The only other way to change the proportion of your butt is exercises designed to develop those muscles or plastic surgery.

if your butt starts to hit and touch things it to BIG!

no why would it give you a big butt

It means he considers your butt big.

Yes she has a big butt. She so sexy and hot..

hip flexion and hip extention

For your legs, you can get a stretch cord, and do the exercises that they box gives you. for example, attach the stretch cord to both feet then move one leg up and down. For the butt... idk.

Eat good calories. omega-3 acids store in your butt and hips. also do exercises as you can find in many sites and books. eat nuts, fish and proteins like chicken, meal or cheese.

There are many different exercises that are designed specifically to slim the butt such as biking either outdoors or a stationary bike, squats while holding weights, lunges, and step ups on steps.

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