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as much as alot of people would like to pick the spots they gain weight in you just cant. however, you can do workouts that work your obliques witch is what helps woman get that sexy curve that they desire.

No that is not entirely true, There is a way to increase hip size and that is by doing exercises that focus on building muscle around the hips. It will take a lot of hard work and dedication to do so. What you can do is side lunges, hip abductions, and biking (for the side lunges and hip abductions do 3 sets of 10 to 12 reps on each leg). Do those atleast 3-4 times per week. Also, after doing so...drink an 8 oz. glass of a protein shake to help build up the muscle you have been working on building. Do sit ups and side stretches to get a curvy figure thus making your frame look even curvier or your hips wider.

Hope this helped! It can be achieved.

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Q: What exercises can you do to gain weight around your hips?
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What food should you eat to gain weight on only the hips and butt?

Unfortunately, there are no foods to just make you gain weight in certain areas. You can do exercises to tone up your hips and butt, though.

Does weight gain in the first trimester go to your hips and thighs?

It can do yes. Weight gain during pregnancy can go anywhere hun. Hips, thighs, bottom, adbomonen etc.

Can you gain weight and make it only go to your breasts?

No. When you gain weight, you gain it allover and cannot target specific spots. If anything, weight gain is targeted to spots you don't want it to - hips, butt, thighs.

What are the best exercises to do to lose weight around the stomach hips and under arm area?

you can lose weight when you jog,leg-ups,push-ups,excercise like this is one of the best excercise.

How can you get hips?

If you don't naturally have hips them you'll have to gain weight/fat to build in to your hips which might not work cuz you may end up gaining weight in all the wrong places which you don't want

What exercises do you need to do to lose weight around your stomach quickly?

You can deit and exersise by doing crunches or you can by the new high teck type of crunches or move your hips a round

Why does the skin on my stomach and hips hurt?

It happened to me once, but it was because my skin on my belly and hips were stretching due to rapid weight gain.

Can men grow bigger hips?

Squats are exercises that can be used to by men to grow bigger hips. Gaining weight could also add more girth to the hip area.

Why is weight gain in women in their stomachs?

It isn't usually- most often for women it's the hips.

How do you lose weight in your hips and thighs if you are disabled?

Consume fewer calories and, of possible, perform low impact exercises such as swimming.

How can you gain weight in your thighs hips and chest without any pills or surgery if you're 15 and have a high metabolism?


Can Boniva cause weight gain?

I do not know if this is the exact cause, but since I began taking it in February, I have increased the fat around my hips and middle. My food consumption has not changed?

How do you get bigger hips?

You can try exercises like side leg raises with ankle weight or fixing your hormonal balances and chemical balances.

How do you make my hips bigger?

Gain Weight and then exercise the areas besides it or just get fat either works

What exercises help to lose weight from your hips?

Short of liposuction there's no way to target weight loss. Stick to a sensible diet and exercise plan and you will lose weight a little all over.

What are exercises that target big hips?

Cardio exercises are important for fat burning and would be a first step in reducing the size of the hips. In addition to the cardio, side kicks, side hopping, hip raises, and squat kicks are all exercises that target big hips.

How can you gain weight on your hips thighs and bum?

I am overweight simple because I eat after 8 0 clock at night. So if you eat before you go to bed you definetely will gain weight everywhere.

What might cause weight gain in hips with itchy breasts increased appetite and more frequent urination?


What foods go to your butt thighs?

Foods have nothing to do with where the weight goes. It all depends where each individual naturally gains weight. If you eat more calories than you burn each day, then you will gain weight. Some people put on weight around the middle, while others may gain it in the hips. Each person carries weight differently.Nto true

Weight gain in hips?

A increase in weight seen in the hips would mean that the body has also put on fat all over. This is because the body does not shuttle fat into just one particular area. Rather, it is distributed all over.

Can weight gain be a symptom of menopause?

Yes. Weight gain can be one of the symptoms of menopause. There are other symptoms too like hot flashes, mood swings and night sweats. But weight gain is commonly noticed because we are having a change of shapes sometimes in our upper abdomen, hips and thighs. Why? Because women in menopausal period do less exercises and sometimes their diet isn't just right. We should always eat healthy foods, and herbal products are also recommended.

I want to boost my hips what pills should i take-?

Unfortunately there aren't any pills one can take to boost hip size, unless you are willing to put on weight. If you don't carry a lot of weight in your hips, you may have trouble with hip size even if you gain weight.

How do you exercise to get a bigger booty?

basically you just do exercises that will help you loose weight around your middle section(waist) loosing weight around your waist will make you hips seem bigger making your butt look bigger. but if your already thin then i dunno to be honest . . do squats i heard that works well, good luck

What are the most common areas of the body that you gain weight when pregnant?

Pregnant women put on weight around the hips and thighs to provide nourishment for the newborn. They also put on weight on the breasts of course but this will go when you stop breastfeeding, or if you don't start. To get rid of the hip/thigh weight you have to breast feed.

What foods go straight to your hips?

". . . straight to your hips!" is a figure of speech and is not meant to be taken literally. Some people tend to gain weight on the thighs and hips, while others tend to add fat to the abdomen or other locations. Any food eaten in excess will contribute to weight gain. Foods high in processed carbohydrates, fat and/or alcohol are more likely to build fat than to contribute to good health.