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== The short answer is "none"== Any exercise that "targets" a particular muscle or muscle group will enlarge it. For example, doing calf raises on the stairs will add muscle mass to your calves and make them appear larger if you do nothing to reduce the fat content of your body. And there is NO WAY to spot train fat reduction. In other words, if your calves are large because you carry body fat there, you must reduce your caloric intake and increase your aerobic output in order to reduce your overall weight.

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Does this exercises reduce face size?


Your breast are large and want to reduce them with exercises?

Breasts are mostly fatty tissue, so dieting and general weight loss tends to reduce breast size some. Apart from that there are no particular exercises that will target breast reduction. If they're large to the point of back trouble you might be able to get breast reduction surgery on your health insurance.

What are some exercises to reduce the size of a big butt?

Exercise alone will not reduce the backside, but losing weight in addition to exercise will help. Some exercises to help are step ups, lunges and squats.

Can I reduce the size of my varicose veins?

There are compression stockings that are made especially for these kinds of problems. Exercises will generally not reduce the actual vein, however.

What are exercises that target big hips?

Cardio exercises are important for fat burning and would be a first step in reducing the size of the hips. In addition to the cardio, side kicks, side hopping, hip raises, and squat kicks are all exercises that target big hips.

If you have a fatty tummy but flat butt How do you fix it?

Regular cardiovascular exercise combined with lower body exercises such as squats which target the gluteus muscles can help you reduce total body fat while increasing the size of your butt.

What things should you eat to make your breasts smaller?

Hello. There is nothing you can eat that will reduce your breast size. Losing weight and upper body exercises may help to reduce breast size but not significantly.

How do you reduce the size of your butt and thighs?

Eat healthy and choose exercises that emphasize toning in those areas rather than muscle building.

How do you reduce breast size naturally in home?

It can possible through physical exercises under the guidance of cosmetic surgeon. But pills or remedies don't help.

Do any exercises increase the size of your breasts?

Having children can sometimes increase breast size but there are no specific exercises to increase breast size.

iam a boy my breast size is 42cms.i want to reduce it.?

I would suggest contacting a plastic surgeon and having a consultation with him before going through with a surgery. The doctor may also make other suggestions including exercises or changes in diet to reduce breast size.

How do you reduce hand size for men?

When you reduce his penis size.

What size are Angus calves at birth?

Most Angus calves are born at around 50 to 80 lbs at birth, which is about the size of a medium-sized to medium-to-large sized dog.

What kind of exercises to make a mans penis larger?

There are no exercises that will increase the size.

How to reduce the size of nipples?

Plastic surgery Have surgery to reduce the size.

How do you reduce nipple size permanently?

is there anyway to reduce nipple size?

How can you reduce your head size?

There is no way to safely reduce your head size.

Does meat reduce in size when cooked?

Yes some meat will reduce is size . If u get meat from the store it can reduce in size but if u get your meat from a Boucher it's most like not do reduce in size . So when cooked it will stay the same size and not get smaller

What are the best rotator cuff exercises?

There are several exercises featured on the Men's Fitness website that are designed to reduce sports injuries to the rotator cuff. Due to the smaller size of the rotator cuff muscles and the amount of work demanded of them, they can be torn due to trauma or inflamed from overuse.

Are baby buffalo bigger than baby cows?

Generally no. There are some breeds that can give birth to calves that are twice the size of that of newborn buffalo calves.

What is another name for reduce?

Reduce in size; reduce physically. Make smaller.

How do you make your calves smaller?

More than most muscle groups, the size of your calves is genetically determined. It is very difficult to increase the size of your calves; it can only be done with a lot of work. The only way to make them smaller would be not to use them, which is impossible unless you stay in bed. However, you can make them look smaller or more proportional by increase the size of your upper legs. .

Show you images of exercise to reduce breast?

There are plenty of resources on the Internet and in health books that show you images of exercises to reduce breast size. Generally speaking, any exercise routine and a healthy diet will encourage weight loss, which may also come from the breasts.

What are some exercises that will help reduce fat in the stomach area?

If you want to reduce the fat in your stomach area, then you will want to do sit-ups. Sit-ups help to focus the workout directly to your mid-size area. Keep this up for a couple of months, and you will have a six-pack.

How do you increase ab size?

Weighted ab exercises

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