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What exercises must one do to get a ripped body and how long will it take?

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You should first of all, start from the top down. Also, Work out at HIGHER INTENSITY! It has been proven that a higher intensity and a shorter time builds bigger muscles.This will make you look slimmer. Start from your shoulders, since they have little fat. Next day, work your legs. Then, have a rest day. that muscle that you should build should burn fat on your upper back, chest, and upper arms. When they are ready to be worked, work them! 1 day, work all the new muscles that have lower fat levels, the next day, review previous body areas and your legs. Then, Rest Day. When your ab fat has diminished a bit more, work them, review all other parts, the next day, rest. You should not work a body part to the maximum potential without losing fat! Remember to do Cardio.

2009-04-19 17:47:14
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There are some exercises that improve reflex. you must believe in yourself in order to do that though

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Yes, exercises are always a good thing to do whether you are taking a driver job or not. I would recommend doing cardio exercises and some weight lifting to keep your body fit for the job.

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Why must you warm up?

You do warmup exercises to get your body ready for exercise, get loosened up, and be better able to exercise without injuring yourself.

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How can I lower my body fat percentage?

To lower your body fat percentage you must stick to a calorie restricted diet and also mix in exercise to build muscle. The best body fat lowering exercises include running, biking, swimming and team sports.

What are some approaches to losing belly fat weight?

To lose belly fat, you must first reducing your calorie intake. Then, you must do exercises that will work out your whole body. Then, you must take advantage of the after burn effect so that you would lose calorie even after working out!

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How much exercise is in softball?

There must be several exercises to improve on core strength, leg strength and upper body strength. squats a good example for leg strength, have planks and abdominal twists for core and Pullovers for upper body strength.

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How many days should you do muscle strengthening exercises to keep muscles healthy?

To maintain what you have achieved with muscle exercises, you must exercise on regular basis forever.

To develop a particular fitness component must you perform exercises that are designed particularly for that component?

While it is important to perform exercises that focus on the muscle groups you are looking to build, it is never wise to solely work out those muscles. Other areas of your body must be considered when designing a workout routine for a particular muscle group like stabilizing muscles, core balance, and functional exercise.

Can someone suggest some good upper body exercises?

You must do some upper body pull ups as well as dead lifts for strengthening the lower back muscles. You could check the sample workout on how to do a proper pull up exercise on at

How can you watch tutorials of exercises for the face online?

There are many different exercises one can do for the face. First, you must figure out exactly what your needs are. There are many websites on the internet that have tips and videos on face exercises. Just click on the website of your choosing, and go from there.

What are some exercises to get flat abs?

In order to get flat abs one must work on developing muscles in the abdominal region, but also work on burning fat throughout the body, so that the abdominal muscles will show. In order to create muscle, exercises such as sit ups, bicycle, leg raises, or planks work well. In order to burn fat, cardiovascular exercises such running, spinning, or even walking will help.

You are 15 and you do around 500 situps a day and you want to have huge abs quickly how many situps a day is recommeneded for your age in order to get huge abs?

In addition to exercise, you MUST eat a healthy diet in order to achieve those ripped abs. If you eat junk food, you can do sit ups all day long and you won't achieve ripped abs.

What are the dangers of using anabolic steroids?

you get ripped and strong and finally get to be a man for once in your life. i must say the ladies love it.

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How do you turn a slightly pot belly six pack into a flat ripped as pack?

-Cardio lots of cardio to remove that layer of fat-Diet, you know what is healthy and what isn't-Ab exercises but don't focus on these the focus must be on losing fat... even with big abdominal muscles you still cant see them if there is a layer of fat covering your abs.