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By chance have you tried Pilates or yoga? I heard Pilates or yoga flattens the butt...building muscle is probably the only thing that will help it to get bigger. I have heard about squats and lunges, but I am not exactly sure how many and how often these should be done. Look up exercises to build "glutes". For building up the rear end do squats and lunges

2008-08-20 10:51:08
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How long will it take for your butt to get bigger if you do fifty squats per day?

Should not really get bigger but rather tighter and rounder. Also try the 8 minute buns video. Good moves.

How do you tell when an angelfish is pregnant?

it should swell up on the sides of the stomach. also the papilla is just behind the stomach and that will get longer and more rounder. it should be much bigger than the males. also, she will become extremely territorial.

Exercises should be what?

It should be good =)

What type of weight training should runners do?

Runners should focus their weight training on the legs. Leg curls, leg lifts, and exercises for the calf muscles are going to give you the best results.

How do you make your belly bigger?

Well if your trying to make it bigger then i would say eat more starches! That seems to always work...but if you want to know how to stop your belly from getting bigger you should to some ab exercises. Eat less junk food and eat more vegetables.

What exercises claim to be particularly good at burning fat?

The exercises that are reported to burn the most fat are those which alternate high speed with low speed behaviors such as sprints or running alternated by weight lifting routines. The most important thing, however, is diversity. Aerobic and Anaerobic exercises should both be used for best fat burning results.

Your penis is only 7 inches long - how can you make it grow longer?

You should take up exercises that makes your penis grow bigger but if you do them wrong you can really damage your penis.

What should FEMA exercises include?

The FEMA exercises should include how to be prepared. Having everything ready can make it easier to get to the emergency when it happens.

What should you do to make your breast bigger?

Exercises like push ups can develop the pectoral muscles to make them look bigger. If you are young, it can develop when you are mature, and pregnancy certainly will increase its size. Other options are to use padded Bra or opt for Surgical augmentation

What are some shoulder pain exercises?

Following a shoulder injury, any exercises should be discussed with your doctor beforehand. Sometimes if your injury has not healed properly, exercises can actually make the injury worse. Your doctor should be able to advise you which exercises will be safe considering your injury.

How should stretching exercises be done?


Why should we do mobility exercises?

Mobility exercises should be done to improve ones health. They help build muscle and help with a persons flexibility too.

What are good stretching exercises?

Some good stretching exercises you can find in mags. If like to do yoga, is there a specific type of stretching exercises I should do before a yoga class.

Who argued that punishments should not be exercises on brutality?


What precautions should you take with anaerobic exercises?


Exercises should have consequences for inadequate performance?

Exercises definitely should have consequences for inadequate performance. These are dangerous actions that could potentially harm others as well as yourself.

How should all exercises begin and end?

Routines should begin with warm-ups to reduce the chances of injuries and end with cool-down exercises to speed recovery.

How often should you exercise your heart?

You should exercises your heart as much as possible but you have to exercises at least 3-4 days a week for like 4hrs each time.

Do kegel exercises hurt?

No, Kegal exercises should not hurt at all. Kegal exercises involve clenching, holding, and relaxing your vaginal muscles - as long as you don't over-do this it will not hurt you at all.

Why is it important to include a recovery time in a workout program?

Before any strenuous exercises, a period of warming up the muscles should be initiated. Then, after completing the exercises, there should be a period of warming down exercises. Warming up and warming down is to try to prevent muscle strain if vigorous exercises are started too soon.

What are the best exercises to treat a knee injury?

There are many exercises a person with a knee injury can do. Doing aerobic or endurance exercises can help. There have been studies that show that aerobic exercises help reduce inflammation, so those should help you.

Are aerobic exercises equally important as strength training when it comes to personal Fitness?

Yes, both aerobic and strength exercises are important. Aerobic exercises increase endurance and overall health of your heart and muscles, you should make time for these exercises.

What should happen to anomalous results?

You should exclude the anomalous results when calculating an average.

How do you get a fat bum?

It can be frustrating when trying to get a bigger bum. It can also seem difficult. Especially when you're not sure if it's possible. So, what I'm going to do is share with you some great tips on how to get a bigger bum. That way, you will know how you can make your booty bigger. The tips on making your buttocks bigger are: 1. The first tip that will help you get a bigger bum is to workout three times a week. Some of the exercises that you should do includes doing lunges, leg press, and squats. You should do 4 sets of 8-10 repetitions for each exercise. Some other exercises that you can do that don't require weights are glute knee-ups and frog squats. 2. Another simple tip on how to get a bigger bum is to frequently eat small meals. This will help make your butt bigger and help you get a sexy tummy. Some of the foods that you should eat should contain protein and complex carbs. Also, you should eat fruits and veggies. Be sure you eat every couple of hours. This means you will be eating a small meal 5 to 7 times a day. 3. The third thing you can do to get a bigger bum is do cardio workouts. This includes taking a fitness class (aerobics, kickboxing, pilates), jogging or fast walking on a treadmill at the inclined position, and using the stair master. You don't have to do all these exercises. Just pick the ones you like. And make sure you do them at least two times a week.

What are the best exercises currently on the market?

The best exercises for children are ones that incorporate fun. You should try to find an exercise that is a sport.