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If you're overweight, there's no way any crunches or ab building exercises will be enough. You also need to lose weight. Eat right, exercise more. put your armpits over a sturdy bar and lift the knees up to the chest. these are reverse situps and are easier on the lower back.also speed walking in water and swimming are excellent low impact excercises. walk with a walkman playing music or reading a book to you. good luck. start protecting your heart today . this is when trouble starts.when you are young! Do 3-4 sets of crunches. Do cardio every 2-3 days for about 30-45 minutes (jogging not walking). In your situation(since youre overweight), the ONLY way you will be able to reveal your abs is to lose weight. When you are at about <10% bodyfat(you can find this out with calipers),then you may start to see your abs. At this point, you may wish to do more ab exercises, and these could include situps/crunches/etc. When doing situps, crunches etc, though, remember to breathe. Exhale going up, inhale going down. That way youre working your abdominals to the fullest extent.

What you should do:Eat right first. Diet is key. With the right diet, fat can be easily shredded with exercise.

Abs come later. If you don't burn off the fat you will never see abs.

Fat doesn't turn into muscle you must lose it first.

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Q: What exercises would help an overweight boy get tighter abs?
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What exercises will tone your abs?

Some exercises that will tone exercises are crunches and yoga exercises. The lung may be a good thing to try. Push ups will help make the area tighter.

Need help immediately how to get your vagina tighter and what excersises should i do to get that?

Do your kegel exercises every day. Use a partner to help. Enjoy.

What are the best exercises for people that are overweight that want to burn fat?

Doing exercises that work multiple muscle groups at once can really help to burn more fat in a shorter period of time, and this will in turn help people who are overweight to burn more fat.

What would be some good exercises to do to help with a sore back?

Many back pains can be reduced with light exercise. Some exercises that will help a sore back include stretching exercises, light aerobic exercises, and strengthening exercises.

How do you get bladder control back?

If you are overweight, losing weight will help you regain bladder control. Also, doing Kegall exercises will help strengthen the muscles involved in bladder control.

How would agility exercises help me?

Agility exercises will help you with endurance and speed. They will also hgelp you with reaction times. They are great exercises for any athelete to use to improve their skills.

What are some good exercises for overweight people looking to slim down?

Some good exercises for overweight people looking to slim down are walking, biking, elliptical machines and anything else that involves cardio. When they become comfortable with cardio they can then move onto building muscle which will help them burn more fat and feel stronger.

How do you get your but to be tighter?

Lunges seem to help with butts.

What are some simple exercises and good tasting foods to help lose fat?

Some simple exercises to help lose fat are cardiovascular exercises. These exercises could be jogging, jump roping and running. Foods that could help lose fat would be fruits.

What exercises help with back pain?

There are many exercises that people can do to help with back pain and the problems associated with it. Simple stretching exercises each morning will help reduce pain and exercises to strengthen the legs and abdomen will help take pressure off the back.

What exercises help the skeleton?

The key would be to strengthen muscles. Muscles support bones.

What are the best exercises to treat a knee injury?

There are many exercises a person with a knee injury can do. Doing aerobic or endurance exercises can help. There have been studies that show that aerobic exercises help reduce inflammation, so those should help you.

What are some exercises I can do to obtain sciatica relief?

I think yoga would be a good way to help relieve your back pain. The stretching exercises in yoga can help loosen and relax the muscles in the back and relieve pain.

What is the best exercise to help you lose your stomach fat?

Exercises that help strengthen your core will help you look sleeker and reduce abdominal pudge. Pliates exercises and pole dancing exercises are both great for that.

Are you overweight if you are 54 and weigh 127 pounds?

Can't imagine that you would be overweight, in any way. If you want to tighten up your muscles, then exercise would help. Walking, biking, swimming, pilates or yoga are good places to start.

What are good exercises to hold your breath longer without using water?

running would help you out a lot

What are the benefits of kegel exercises?

Kegel exercises are beneficial in that they help control the muscles which control ones bladder. Women who are pregnant often do kegel exercises to help strengthen their pelvic muscles.

What types of exercises would help with tension headaches?

Tension headaches are often the result of tension held in the muscles and fascia held across the scalp, neck and often into the shoulders and upper back. Exercises that will help would be gentle stretching to those areas, massage, and yoga.

What exercises do you suggest to help an overweight adult lose weight?

Depending on your mobility of course there are a variety of exercises such as swimming, biking, hiking, jogging, walking, aerobics, being active in a sport, weights, calastetics, stretching daily is great. It is whatever is of interest to you and you will find your nitch. Remember to stretch good before you do anything.

How does exercise help your muscles?

It exercises them.

Which exercises can help sharpen your brain?

Mental exercises like math and brain teasers.

Is 7 stone overweight for a 12-year-old?

No it is not overweight you need it to help you grow.

Where can you find speed exercises for typing online?

You can find a lot of speed exercises for typing at school. Many schools provide speed typing exercises. Some exercises include games and trials to help practice and help get used to the keyboard.

Where could one buy a resistance band to help with Pilates exercises?

There are many places where one could purchase a resistance band to help with Pilates exercises. The best places to purchase resistance bands would be places like Amazon.

What are some exercises that won't strain my spinal stenosis?

A good suggestion would be to make an appointment with a physiotherapist who treats spinal stenosis. They will be able to give you specific exercises and stretches that will help you.