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What experience do you need to become a veterinarian?


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In the United States, you will need a combination of animal experience and veterinary experience to be accepted into vet school, which is a required step towards becoming a veterinarian. Animal experience is simply non-technical working with animals, which can be anything from raising livestock on your family farm to working with shelter animals. Veterinary experience is technical time spent either working with or observing/shadowing a trained veterinarian on the job; this often translates to working as a veterinary assistant part-time for several years.

Vets who want to practice in the UK must be registered with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. To get this far, they need to have done a veterinary degree at one of the RCVS approved establishments; a course that usually takes 5 years. Acceptance for entry to these universities varies, but candidates will probably need the following:

  • Biology 'A' Level, as well as one or two from Physics, Chemistry and Maths.
  • Grades at 'A' Level, two A's and a B, or, in some cases, three A's.
  • Alternatively, a distinction in BTEC Diploma in Animal Science may be considered.