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Leisure centres commonly have a swimming pool, aerobics studio, gym and Basketball courts, shower and bathroom facilities with change rooms and outdoor facilities such as fields for soccer or tennis courts. They may also feature a cafeteria.

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Q: What facilities are usually available at a leisure center?
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Does Edinburgh have a leisure center?

Yes, several. The Royal Commonwealth Pool is closed until 2011 for rebuilding work. Other facilities are available around the city (such as at Ainslie Park).

How much does a membership cost to join a 1610 leisure center?

It costs usually about Σ150 to join a 1610 leisure centre and have the initial health and fitness check. After that the cost varies depending upon what facilities the customer plans to use and books sessions for.

What can you call a leisure center?

A leisure centre.

What does d'un center de loisirs mean?

of a leisure center, from a leisure centre

What parking facilities are available at the Denver Convention Center?

The parking facilities in the Denver Convention Center are very big. Over a 1000 cars can park in the parking faciliteis of the Denver Convention Center.

Is a leisure center a swimming pool?

Leisure Center can include:Swimming poolsGymnasticsTennisFootballNetballBally-BallHandballTable TennisBadmintonVolleyballBasketball

What Olympic facilities are made available for athletes and spectators?

Chula Vista Olympic Training center

What is a 'leisure center' in the UK?

In the UK, a leisure center is a swimming pool with lots of other physical activities.

Is a community center leisure?


Where is Intu Braehead located?

Intu Brahead is Scotland's favorite shopping center located in Renfrew on the south bank of the Clyde River. Close by is an arena and leisure facilities.

Does hutton moor leisure center have flumes?


Conference Center Hotel?

Finding a conference center hotel that offers all of the amenities and facilities that you need for your event, is easy when you utilize the vast resources available on the internet.

What are the facilities does a hawker center provide?


Where is exam center for maharastra board ssc exam 2012 center no 1033?

The center name is available at your school. The center is usually a school near your school.

Where are the Apple distribution center locations in the US?

Based on the available information, it appears that there is a distribution center in California and another in Pennsylvania. Apple also has manufacturing facilities all over the world.

What are the advantage of a leisure center?

Leisure CentrE'S Are Usefull For Providing Jobs For Local People and i will Benefit All Members Of Your Community

Where can I find a job in facilities work?

A job in facilities work can be found by checking the many vacancies that are offered on Monster Job or in the local job center. They will have any opportunities that are available listed and then people can apply for those positions.

What does au center de loisirs mean in french?

A Leisure Centre

How do you say leisure center in french?

un centre de loisirs

How big is david Lloyd leisure center?

the size of OLd Trafford

What activities are available in the Hyatt Regency Mumbai hotel?

The Hyatt has it's own spa and fitness center. A swimming pool is available, along with racquet fitness facilities. Close by are shopping opportunities and movie complexes.

What are some Leisure activities in Fiji?

There is surfing and touring city town center.

What are some good rehab facilities?

Some of the top rehab facilities are Promises Treatment Center, The Betty Ford Center, Cirque Lodge, Passages Rehab Facility, Pasadena Recovery Center, and the Caron Foundation.

Where is the magnum center in Scotland?

Magnum Leisure Centre, Harbourside, Irvine, KA12 8PP

When was loughborough leisure center built?

Well to be honest, I don't know but I think, in 1992