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The decision on whether to accommodate these needs will be based on: past relationships with the customer potential for future custom from this customer or from contacts associated with the customer the costs associated with the request (to the customer or to the organisation) your organisation's capabilities and limitations long and short-term benefits to the organisation long and short-term benefits to the customer analysis of any associated risks

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Q: What factors affect how a customer's specific or special needs are accommodated?
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What factors affect how a customers special needs are accommodated?

The decision on whether to accommodate these needs will be based on: The decision on whether to accommodate specific needs should be made based on the consideration of a few important factors such as: Past relationships with the customer, potential future business from the customer or from the contacts with whom they are associated, the costs associated with the request, the organisations capabilities and limitations, long and short term benefits to the organisation and the customer and the analysis of any associated risks.

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