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The Japanese attack of Pearl Harbor, Hawai'i, USA was what triggered the United States to join the Second World War.

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Which statement describes how Native Americans reacted to the United States' entry into World War II?

They supported the war effort and joined the military in large numbers

Which of these was not directly related to the entry of the US into world was 1?

The Franco-Prussian War was not directly related to the entry of the US into World War I.

Which crops supported World War 1 allied troops?

The energy-producing cops supported the World War 1 allied troops.

What were the causes results of American entry into World War 1?

One of the cause of America entry into World War One was the announcement by Germany that there was unrestricted submarine warfare. The effect of America's entry is that it sped the end of the war.

After World War 2 Korea was divided into two countries Who supported South Korea?

United States supported South Korea after World War 2.

One of the primary causes for US entry into world war 1 was the use of?

do you mean what caused us entry into world war one? if so then the sinking of the USS Lusitania by German u-boats was what caused American entry into the war

Which ethnic group in the US supported the central powers in World War 1?

Many immigrant groups in the United States supported the Central Powers in World War I.

What country supported Serbia in World War 1?

The country that supported Serbia in WWI was Russia

Who supported the war in France during World War 2?

The Germany supported the war becase they were both in an allience with them and now that's who suporrted the France.Answerbecause they did

How was the stalemate broken during World War 1?

the entry of the US into the war

How did the process of American entry into World War 2 compare with the entry into World War 1?

America was a late and reluctant entrant into the Great War. It was thrust into WW-II by the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

What turned World War I around?

the entry of US troops.

When the the Ottoman Empire join World War I?

Ottoman entry into the World War 1 happened in October 28 1914.

How did America help the allies in the world war 1?

The United States' entry into World War I added the needed impetus to push the Germans back. Without that entry, the war may have lasted much longer and turned out differently.

What were the factors that led to world war 1?

There were several factors which led to World War I. A few of those factors were that European countries were fighting for colonization of territories abroad, and militarism.

What factors led to the growth of imperialism around the world?

the factors of the cold war & the missel war in india

What did many African Americans do in world war 2?

served in the military, worked in war plants and supported the war effort.............

What factors supported United States entry inyo world war 2?

The immediate answer is that Japan attacked and then declared war on the United States. Two days later Germany declared war on the United States. Both of these countries had already developed a demonstrated history of atrocities committed on innocents in countries they attacked. Their intent was to defeat, subjugate, rule and enslave or murder inhabitants of the United States. If our country had not defended itself, they most probably would have done just that to everyone in the world.

When was the US entry into world war 1?

The U.S. entered WWI in 1917 and the war ended in 1918.

Why were planes important in World War I?

they where not important in world war 1 they became important in world war 2. They where not important because bombs where to heavy to be supported in planes. Hope this helps you.

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