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What famous nightclub was owned by Sam Hare in Chicago in the 1930's?

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It was Dell's roadhouse in Morton Grove, IL.

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Who owned the nightclub chic rick's in Chicago Illinois?

The club was "owned" by Percy Pinkton otherwise known as Mr. Ricky. There were rumors of mob affiliation but I personally don't know.

Who owns Chicago Illinois?

The city buildings and parks are owned by the citizens of Chicago managed by the city. The rest of the city is owned by private owners.

How did Henry Ford's role change in the 1930s?

Not until the 1930s did Henry Ford overcome his objection to finance companies, and the Ford-owned Universal Credit Corporation became a major car-financing operation

Does anyone know of or have a list of vehicles the Chicago Cubs have owned or used?

There is no official list of vehicles the Chicago Cubs players have owned or used. Kerry Woods has a black Range Rover in 2013.

Who owns the moose jaw tunnels?

In 1920s and 1930s Al Capone owned it and now the city of Moose Jaw owns it

What is the setting in the girl who owned a city?

well i can assure u it was in Chicago

What famous musher owned both Balto and Togo?

Leonhard Seppala owned Togo, but Balto was owned by a different man. Gunnar Kaasen.

How much does a nightclub owner make?

I could probably answer this question, but you would have to give me a little more to work with. A good start would be telling me where the nightclub is located and what its capacity is. I owned 2 and sold them both, so I can probably venture a decent guess.

Who owned Alcatraz?

jerry seinfield b4 he was famous

What does WGN stand for?

World's Greatest Newspaper. It's owned by the Chicago Tribune.

What museum is American Gothic at?

"American Gothic" is owned by the Art Institute of Chicago.

What is the Burnham Harbor in Chicago?

It's a boat harbor owned by the park district of Chicago. Private boaters can rent dosk space there.

Has Oprah ever owned a restaurant in Chicago?

the eccentric at 159 W Erie St

What is Uruguay's most famous landmark?

The most famous land mark in Uruguay is the hand that is owned by the gallery

Are the Chicago Bears from Illinois?

The Chicago Bears are a professional football team in the National Football League. The team plays its home games in Chicago.

Who owned mr kellys night club in Chicago after george and Oscar marienthal sold it?

Arts & Leisure corporation which also owned Arts International art galleries.

Was the lady that owned the cow that started the great Chicago fire Irish?

Mrs. O'Leary owned the cow near where the fire started. There was no proof that the cow started the fire.

Is the Chicago Transit Authority a privately owned comapny?

The Chicago Transit Authority is one of the three service boards financially supported by the Regional Transportation Authority.

Where is the Chinook reservation?

There is no Chinook reservation. Many Chinooks were allotted land on the Quinault Reservation in the 1930s. In fact individual Chinooks owned 52% of the Quinault Reservation.

Who owned the tavern during the Salem witch trails?

The famous Salem tavern where some examinations of accused witches was owned by the Ingersoll family.

Why arnt the Chicago Bears called the cardnals anymore?

The Bears were never the Cardinals they were the Decatur Staleys, later named Chicago Bears. The Chicago Cardinals were another Chicago owned team that moved around after the 50's and now reside in Arizona.

When was the ABC Bank founded?

Austin state bank is founded in 1891. It's the bank of Chicago, and Bensenville. It is a family owned company. It's managed and owned by local people.

Most famous dogs?

The most famous dogs are probably the ones owned by famous people. Also, dogs that have starred in movies and dogs that have saved lives.

When did bill wirtz first buy the Chicago Blackhawks?

I am a native Chicagoan and I believe he owned the team from its inception.

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