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Dozens and dozens of his paintings are famous:

Impression, Sunrise

Poppies Blooming

Saint Lazare Station


Rouen Cathedral

Japanese Bridge

Water Lilies

and many more

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Q: What famous painting did Claude Monet paint?
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Related questions

What were Claude Monet's materials used for painting?

Claude Monet's materials were usually oil paint and canvas.

In the painting Waterlilies what what kind of paint did Claude Monet use?

Claude Monet did a whole series of waterlily paintings and they are all done with oil paint.

Why was Claude Monet famous?

Claude Monet was famous for reflection and working with light. Also, he loved to paint nature and the outdoors.

Did Monet paint 'Luncheon on the Grass'?

Claude Monet made one painting of this title.The most famous Luncheon on the Grass was painted by Édouard Manet.

Where did Claude Monet learn to paint?

; : In 1858 Claude Monet met Eugène Boudin who encouraged him to paint out of doors. ; : In 1859 Monet came to Paris and entered the Swiss Academy for painting tuition.

What materials did Claude Monet use to paint?

Oil Painting- Water Lillies

What material did Claude Monet used to paint the bouquet of sunflowers?

It is an oil painting.

What did artist Monet like to paint?

Claude Monet is famous for his water lilies paintings.

What did Claude Monet like to paint?

Claude Monet liked to paint landscapes.

Why did Claude Monet start painting?

He started to paint after Eugène Boudin showed him how to paint with oil paints.

What type of paint did Claude Monet use in his lily bridge painting?

Oil on canvas.

When did Claude Monet paint his first painting?

In 1856 or 1857, in Trouville, inspired by Eugène Boudin.

What kind of painting did Claude Monet paint?

He has done many paintings. Here are some kinds he did.

Why did monet like to paint?

claude monet liked to paint waterlilyes

Why did Claude Monet paint different versions of the same painting?

To study how the changing light changed the subject.

Did Claude Monet's parents paint?


Who did Claude Monet paint for?

The Salon.

How many pictures did Claude Monet paint?

this is not a name 72 wold be if you said Claude Monet

What style did Claude Monet paint in?

Claude Monet"s style was Impressionism and Modern art

Why did Claude Monet paint the way he did?


When did Claude Monet start to paint?

Monet was 10 years old when he first started to paint.

What age did Claude Monet paint the painting The water lily pond?

There is not only one painting of this title. Over the last 30 years Monet painted his pond over and over again.

When did Claude Monet paint the garden at Giverny?

There is not just one painting of this subject. Monet painted it again and again and again from the 1890s until his death in 1926.

What type of painting is the 'Still Life with Flowers and Fruits' By Claude Monet?

As the title says it is a still life painting. It was made of oil paint on canvas.

What movements did Claude Monet influence?

claude monet was an impressnsium during the late 1800"s were the idea of impressnsium was to paint what you really seen such as painting outside in plain air which all of his works are done in