What famous people have birthdays in February?


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there is alot in my year ben me kate frazer

famous people

Ed sheeran

Billie joe armstrong out of Green Day


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Look at the Related Links section below. There is a link to a website with a list of famous birthdays in February.

Most people who had birthdays on February 9,2003 probably celebrated them in some way.

Many millions of people have birthdays on 21st February.

Many famouse people have their birthdays in may 30 idiot!

There was not anything amazing historically that happened on February 26, 1970. The Beatles released the Hey Jude album and there were several famous birthdays.

One can get a list of celebrity birthdays for the month of June when one goes on the website of Famous Birthdays. Famous people born in June include Blake Shelton, Nathan Morris, Willa Holland, etc. Here is a list of famous people born on December 16.

President Mahinda Rajapaksha LTTE Leader Prabhakaran

Lily AllenDavid BeckhamEnglebert Humperdink

more than 220000 people are born every day, so it is obvious that there are people whose birthdays lie on february 20th.

Here are a few famous people who were born during the month of February: actors Gary Coleman, Gilbert Gottfried, Joe Pesci, actresses Elizabeth Taylor, Bernadette Peters, Ellen Page, musicians George Harrison(In Memory) , Lisa Marie Presley, & former NHL player Eric Lindros.

Secret's Out - 2006 February Birthdays 4-17 was released on: USA: 19 February 2010

The answer is February. That's why we have a President's day in February.

See the website below and scroll down to "Birthdays", where they show the birthdays of famous people on March 13.

Daniel J. Travanti was an actor born on march 8

Tiffany Thornton - born February 14, 1996

One famous scientist born on February 15 is Galileo Galilei

Dale Earnhardt on February 18th, 2001

Bharathiyar (Tamil poet),Viswanathan anand (world chess champion)

There were several famous people born on February 12th. Specifically, Abraham Lincoln, Charles Darwin, and Judy Blume were all born on February 12th.

Nameparker12345 is famous for halloween, his birthdays on it! :D

Perfectly the 29th of february

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