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What famous plain is in China?


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Along the Wei River, is a major wheat and cotton producer. This is the Weihe ("Wei River") Plain, sometimes called the Guangzhong Basin.


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The North China Plain is a plain in China.

two of the most famous rivers in the north china plain connected together and brought silt.

The North China Plain is also known as the Great Plain of China. Great China Plain is not a name that is commonly associated with the place.

yes china is part of the North China Plain.

the Famous plain is north European plain

Yes it is located in the North China PLain.

The major plains in China are the Northeast China Plain, the North China Plain, the Middle-Lower Yangtze Plain, the Pearl River Delta Plain and the Hetao Plain. For more information, visit the Related Link.

The Northeast China Plain, The North China Plain, and The Middle-Lower Yangtze Plain.

The two major cities on the North China Plain are Beijing and Tianjin. The North China Plain is based on the deposits of the Yellow River and is the largest alluvial plain of eastern Asia.

North China Plain is a large alluvial plain. This means that it is mainly made of sedimentary rocks from the Yellow river.

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1 plain is the north Siberian plain/North China Plain

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China is famous for the Great Wall of China.

The North China Plain covers an area of about 158,100 square miles (409,500 square kilometers).

Campaign of the North China Plain Pocket happened on 1946-06-22.

North China plain is far more significant than the Manchurian plain. Because if one must pin point a single region in the entire continent as the sole representation of China, it is the North China Plain. In Chinese it is called Zhong Yuan, or the central planes. Historically the ruler of this land is by divine right the autocrat of all Chinese lands, period. In ancient China, people differ themselves from other races by citing the North China plain, showing its significance.

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The North China Plain is dominated by tall grasses and rolling hills. It is bordered by mountains and plateaus as well.

The North China Plain is dominated by the Yellow River. The Yellow River is the second longest river in Asia.

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