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What federal agency oversees Head Start?

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Most likely, It is DES (Department of Economical Security).

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The first black woman to head a federal agency?

The first African American woman to head a federal agency was Mary Jane McLeod The first African American woman to head a federal agency was Mary Jane McLeod

Who was the first black woman to head a federal agency?

Mary McLeod Bethune was the first African American woman to head a federal agency

What is typically the head of a federal agency?

A commission or board of directors usually heads a federal agency.

What does the Head Carpenter do?

The Head Carpenter oversees the other carpenters .

What is the Head Start program?

The Head Start program is a federal program in the United States for children in low-income families.

Are Head Start program employees federal employees?

The federal government provides grants for the programs, but the employees are not federal employees.

Who is mainly oversees android at Google?

Sundar Pichai oversees Android (and Chrome OS). Andy Rubin was the previous head of Android.

Who is the head of the government agency FEMA?

William Craig Fugate is the Administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agency since 2009. Before this he was the Director of the Florida Division of Emergency Management

What is the government's Head Start program?

The federal Head Start program is a comprehensive program for children from low income families, which prepares them for success in school.

Who is Head Start funded by?

Head Start programs are funded through grants given by the federal government. For more information visit the Related Link.

What did J Edgar Hoover headed what federal agency?

Hoover was the head of the FBI. It's headquarters building is called the Hoover Building.

How is Head Start funded?

Head Start is funded through grants given by the federal government's Health and Human Services Department through the Administration for Children and Families (ACF).

What is a presidential executive order?

When the president uses his authority as head of the government to order a federal agency to perform certain actions. This does not require congressional approval.

Who is responsible for issuing decision on eeo complaints?

For EEO complaints filed by employees (or applicants) to a federal agency, the Department itself issues the final decision, either procedurally or on the merits. The actual individual who signs the decision depends on each agency, but usually it is the head of the EEO program at that agency.

Who is the head of the Federal Reserve Board?

The new head of the federal reserve is Ben Bernanke.

Who is in charge of the agency?

The CEO, President or person with a similar title is the head of a modeling agency.

What is address of the State Head Start office in Delaware?

The State Head Start office address is: Delaware Head Start State Collaboration Office State of Delaware Department of Education Improvement and Assistance Branch, Townsend Building 401 Federal Street Suite 200 Dover, DE 19901-3639

Who is the head of the foreign office in Germany?

Guido Westerwelle is the Federal Minister for Forgein Affairs in Germany. He is also considered to be the head of the foreign office in Germany since this agency is responsible for the country's foreign politics and its relationship with the European Union (EU).

Who is head of the executive branch in the federal level?

The President of the United States is the head of the Executive Branch of the Federal Government.

Who do you file a county complaint to?

Which agency of the County are you dissatisfied with? File your complaint with the head of that particular branch or agency.

Parliamentary democracy vs presidential democracy?

In Parliamentary democracy, Prime Minister is normally head of Planning Agency while in presidential democracy, President is head of this agency

A sentence using the word federal?

The head of the federal government is the president.

What should a parent do if they want their child to be a model?

If a parent wants their child to try modeling, then they'll need to contact a modeling agency to get started. They'll then need to get head shots for their children and start looking for an agency to pick that child up.

If congress creates a new government agency can a senator or representatie resign from office to become the head of that agency?

6.2 No

Who is the head of the federal government?

The President