What feeds on the snow petrel?

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Skuas are major predators, but severe weather conditions, especially heavy snow that blocks nest entrances, may cause adults to abandon their eggs or chicks to starve. Egg mortality is approximately 50% while chick mortality is typically 10-15%.

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What are the predators of the snow petrel?

Answer . "Skuas are major predators, but severe weather conditions, especiallyheavy snow that blocks nest entrances, may cause adults to abandontheir eggs or chicks to sta

Where do snow petrels live?

snow petrels live in Antarctica, they are pure white small birds with a pointy beack.

What are the adaptations for a Snow Petrel?

Characteristic tubular nostrils located on top of the bill serve as a means of expelling saline solution from their large salt glands, located internally near the eye sockets.

What eats snow petrels?

The main predator of the snow petrel is the South Polar Skua. TheSouth Polar Skua is a bird of prey. The Snow Petrel will hoverabove the skua so that the skua cannot attack. T

What do Snow Petrels like to eat?

At sea, snow petrel eat mainly fish, some cephalopods (squid), other molluscs, and euphausiids. They also feed on seal placenta and the carcasses of dead seals, whales and pen
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What is a snow petrels behavior?

Encountered in hundreds, but tend to be spread out over a wide nesting area. The males go looking for mates, and the females put them through their paces to assess their suita
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What are facts about snow petrels?

The word Petrel is derived from St peter and the story of his walking on water. This is in because of the Petrels appearing to run on the water to take off in flight.
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How do snow petrel reproduce?

Snow petrels -- like all birds -- reproduces by laying eggs and hatching chicks.