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Q: What fellow actor was roommate with Mel Gibson in college?
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Which fellow actor was a roommate of Mel Gibson in college?

Geoffrey Rush

What famous person was Vice President Al Gore's college roommate at Harvard?

Actor Tommy Lee Jones was Gore's best known roommate.

What are the release dates for My Roommate the - 2010 Actor 1-7?

My Roommate the - 2010 Actor 1-7 was released on: USA: 2010

Which actor directed Mel Gibson in Braveheart?

Mel Gibson

What is mel Gibson's occupation?

mel Gibson is a/an Actor,director,producer,screenwriter

Who is Mel Gibsons favorite actor?

I doubt if anyone could contradict that Mel Gibson is Mel Gibson's favorite actor.

Thomas Gibson and mel Gibson related?

no they are not related but both they are actor.

What was mel Gibson famous for?

Mel Gibson is famous for being a fantastic actor and being a director.

Did mel Gibson appear in the Twilight Zone?

No , actor Mel Gibson was never in an episode of The Twilight Zone .

Most famous Australian actor?

Mel Gibson.

What is the name of the actor who plays Miranda?

mel Gibson

How old is Thomas Gibson?

US actor Thomas Gibson is 55 years old (birthdate: July 3, 1962).

Who is the main actor in Braveheart?

Mel Gibson stars as Braveheart.

What famous actor played in the movie the patriot?

Mel Gibson

What is mel Gibson famous for?

Actor. Director.

Who is actor who plays hotch on criminal minds?

Thomas Gibson.

What actor starred in the Mad Max movies?

Mel Gibson

How much college does an actor need?

an actor needs about 4 years of college

How does Jamie foxx respond to his fellow fans?

jamie foxx is a stong actor and won a grammy for the best actor award for the movie "Ray". He respects his fellow fans the way he would respect anyone else.

The movie we were soldiers who was the actor who sang at the party hold me thrill me?

Mary Gibson was the main actor in the movie called We were soldiers

Who is the actor that plays father o'neil in the wedding crashers?

Henry Gibson.

Did the actor Mel Gibson direct the film called Apocalypto?

Yes, Mel Gibson was the director of Apocalypto.The film was released in 2006.

Who is tyrese Gibson dating?

R&B singer and actor Tyrese Gibson is not currently dating anyone. Tyrese was once married to Norma Gibson between the years of 2007 to 2009.

Did the actor Mel Gibson direct the film documentary called Mel Gibson goes back to school?

Yes, Mel Gibson was the director of Mel Gibson Goes Back To School.The film documentary was released in 1991.

Who is the Asian actor in the kayak commercials?

His name is Michael Liu and his roommate is Andy Spencer in case you were wondering about that too.