What fertilizer makes a sunflower grow faster?

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No fertilizer is needed unless you have poor soil
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How can you make your breasts grow faster?

Growing Breasts There are many methods by which women attempt to promote their natural breast growth and these methods are known collectively as natural breast enhancement (or sometimes as natural breast enlargement). It's a pursuit which in recent years has become increasingly popular in all part ( Full Answer )

How can you make your nails grow faster?

Keep them filed so they won't be jagged. Put Sally's nail hardener on it so they won't break. And eat a lot of carrots. Also put vasiline on you cuticles.

Make hair grow faster?

If you take a daily multivitamin, and drink lots of milk, your hair will grow faster. Listen to me, i tried this and it worked! my hair is 9 1/2 inches long! . It's not just the milk and vitamins you also have to be pre-cautious with heat. Don't use blowdryer's my friend decided to grow his hai ( Full Answer )

Can you make your hair grow faster?

Well considering I am trying to grow my hair faster I have learned a few things on the topic. What you should try is making sure that your hair is healthy , brush you hair and make sure that when you do bend over and brush it on th e other side to get all nots through. Your hair can't grow if the ( Full Answer )

How do you make nails grow faster?

Your nails are made up of dead cells. But in fact your nails show how healthy you are, depending on the colour, form, and even how thick they are. Here are some tips that you can use to help promote nail growth: After you shower, soak your fingers in a bowl of salt water (approximately 1 tablesp ( Full Answer )

How to make my hair grow faster?

Just eat loads of healthy things like fruit and especially your vitamins. Don't color, straighten, or curl it. Just let it grow itself.

How do you make a plant grow faster?

Before you water the plant, add sugar to the water, and heat it just a little so it will mix better. Stir it for about 20 seconds and then water your plant.

What can you do to make your hair grow faster?

\nyou can use plasmium gel it grew my hair 6 inches in just 4 months my hair was originaly 3 inches long. buy plasmium gel, let it sit on your scalp for about 7 minutes take it off and condition your hair with a shampoo called jojoba and also use the jojoba conditioner too. you can purchase this onl ( Full Answer )

What fertilizer makes a plant that are the same kind grow faster?

The H-E-B brand Answer I am doing this for my science project and i think that fertilizers that have more acid will work better. Try using Miracle Grow Fertilezer, or Miracle Grow Plant food. Also, if it is an inside plant, get some lettuce. Tear into small pieces and put on top of the dirt, u ( Full Answer )

What fertilizers make plants grow faster?

Store bought and natural fertilizers are both believed to assistplant growth. The type of plant depends on what type of fertilizeris best. Miracle gro is a store bought fertilizer and cow manure isa natural fertilizer.

What makes plants grow faster?

Water makes plants grow fast because of photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process in which plants make food from water, carbon dioxide and energy from the sun. Fertilizer helps plants because it contains the nutrients that plants need, much like how milk helps us (humans) grow faster. Water an ( Full Answer )

What will make your hair grow faster?

Keep your head warm; maybe wear a hat when you go out. Wearing your hair in braids if its long enough. When you come out of the shower, put your head down and brush it downwards; apparently it works! Try washing your hair in lavender oil too.

How do you make your bangs grow faster?

ask a worker at a drug store for a certain pill that makes your hair and nails grow faster. i am pretty sure shoppers drug mart has it. (sorry that i don't know the name of the pill.)

What fertilizers help plants grow faster?

General fertiliser will help plant growth. The secret with fertiliser is to encourage the plant to grow properly, Faster is not always best. General fertiliser contains Nitrogen Potash and Phosphates the main needs for growth plus some trace elements that provide balance.

How do you make dreadlocks grows faster?

If you find a way to make hair grow faster, then you can make your dreadlocks grow faster too. If you mean how to make them mature faster, there are a couple of ways to do so, and you can combine them all. - Wear a wool dreadlock hat that you can put your hair inside. The friction of your hair insi ( Full Answer )

What makes you grow faster?

hi. im tryin to figure out what makes you grow... does eating make u grow, does exercising make you grow.. anyway, the reason I'm asking this is because I don't want to grow anymore, im 5'4 and in 7th grade so im pretty tall. i feel like a giant.. every body is so short their... since im so tall and ( Full Answer )

Can fertilizer help plants grow faster?

Indeed they can, depending on what type of fertilizer and what plant.\n. \nI recommend looking at some specialist gardening sites for information on fertilizer and what to use it for.

How do you make your hair grow faster?

Hair is dead cells. You have to have a healthy diet. Don't wash your hair too often or the natural oils will be stripped and it will become brittle. Use warm water, not hot. Don't use rubber bands, or styles that break the hairs. Trim ends to prevent damage from spreading.

What is in fertilizer that helps plants grow faster?

Nitrogenous fertilizer makes most growth but a balanced fertilizer is required to control growth. Caution: Some plants either produce their own nitrogen or obtain it from other sources. Carnivorous plants can be killed by too much nitrogen in the soil as they eat insects to collect nitrogen along ( Full Answer )

Which one grows faster a daisy or a sunflower?

Daisies and sunflowers are cousins, as they are all asters (star flowers) of the Asteraceae or Compositae family. If by daisy you mean the Ox-eyed daisy that grows wild by the side of the road, then the daisy is certainly the one to grow faster and die faster. The daisy only lasts about 6-8 weeks ( Full Answer )

Why does fertilizer make plants grow?

Plants depend on the availability of 18 nutrients from air, in water, and within soil. Air and water are sources of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. Needed in large amounts within the soil are the macronutrients: nitogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and sulfur. Needed in lesser amounts w ( Full Answer )

Do sunflowers grow better with more or less fertilizer?

well, it really depends on the type of fertilizer you use, it has to be a special kind of it. if you use the no name brand than less fertilizer is good, but if you use famous brand names than more, if its a name that is not so famous, you would not want to much, maybe about 55% of it. say thank you ( Full Answer )

Will plants without fertilizer grow faster?

[1] Theoretically, they wouldn't. [2] But practically it depends upon soil health. Fertilizer applied to stressed or unhealthy soil mightn't be taken up by plant roots. In the case of the latter, for example, nitrogen needs to be in soluble form to be used by roots. Not enough soil moisture means en ( Full Answer )

What to do to make hair grow faster?

Get a good vitamin supplement(moslty $-$$) with biotin. Simply readthe back of the bottle (find a vitamin that suits you) and look fora high % of biotin, the higher the more hair growth.

Will plants with organic fertilizer grow faster?

No. There is little difference in the growth rates of plants grown with "natural" fertilizers or with man-made fertilizers. To the extent that there is a difference, the artificial fertilizers seem to be better.

What make your hair grow faster?

To make your hair grow faster you must first crack and egg in your hair on the part where the yolk was put a lot of gel wait 10 minuets. Put vegetable oil on the hair then comb it through. Gel all the hair with 10 pounds of gel left over. Let it stay for and hour and comb it out wet it dry it do ( Full Answer )

What makes dreads grow faster?

Anything that would make normal hair grow faster, such as vitamin E and Horsetail. If you are asking what makes dreadlocks mature faster, here are some things:. Dreadlock maintenance . Dreadlock maintenance is most effective when locks are clean and dry. . -Palm roll them daily. Doing this in ( Full Answer )

How can you make your dreads grow faster?

the thing I have seen to work in the growth of hair notably, is that collagen type2 tablets. It worked for me in the physical workout for muscles but my hair nows grows much faster. edit: nutrition, and some herbs help too see link to herbs for dreads guide

How do you make a goldfish to grow faster?

A Goldfish will grow quicker if you increase its metabolism slightly. This can be done by keeping the water at summer temperatures of around 65F to 70F. Goldfish kept at this higher temp will also need added space (2 gals per inch of fish), air bubbles and a really good filtration system. Their food ( Full Answer )

Does fertilizer and water or just water and or nothing make grass grow faster?

It depends on the kind of soil you have at your place,because water is more or less the same everywhere you dont have to worry about it.So you always need plenty of water for your grass to grow fast,now if you you want faster growing you need to check the quality of the soil and use the fertilizer y ( Full Answer )

How do you make a bonsai grow faster?

The whole idea of growing bonsai is to grow them as slowly as possible, however to get you started off a little quicker I would suggest planting them in the ground to begin. Tree's will generally sprout and grow more quickly in the ground and, with the correct care (fertilising and soil composition ( Full Answer )

Do plants grow faster in fertilizer or compost?

depends on the wording of your question. growing plants in fertiliser would kill them in about 5 minutes flat. on the other hand growing plants using fertiliser applications would have a faster and more direct result to the plant than growing it in compost as the chemicals in the fertiliser breakdow ( Full Answer )

Will algae grow faster if you add fertilizer to a pond?

yes, increased nitrates in the water (from the fertiliser), will increase the growth rate of the algae in the pond. this normally depletes the oxygen supply that is naturally in the water, and may lead to the death of small fish and other animals. this occurs from time to time when commercial ferti ( Full Answer )

Why does a rose grows faster then a sunflower?

Roses do not grow faster than sunflowers. Sunflowers will sprout, grow to their full adult height, bloom, produce seeds, and die all within a single season. Rose bushes take two to three years to reach an age where they will bloom and grow flowers. So therefor roses do not grow faster than sunflow ( Full Answer )

Does adding to much fertilizer to a plant make it grow faster?

No. Adding fertilizer does not affect on the speed of the plant growth. Fertilizer's job is to feed the plant, so the plant will have all nutrients it needs to grow. If there is not enough of certain nutrients present, the plant growth may slow down and the plant might grow small and wither. G ( Full Answer )

What makes bacteria grow faster?

if you put your bacteria in light or heat it will grow fast and maybe even duplicate. The definition of bacteria growth is replication. Heat will make bacteria divide faster to a certain point and then the heat becomes lethal. As not all bacteria can harvest light for energy, this will only make b ( Full Answer )

How does either fertilizer or compost make vegetables grow faster?

Facilitation of air and water pore spaces, improvement in soil structure and texture, and supply of necessary macro- and micro-nutrients are ways in which compost and fertilizer make vegetables grow faster. Compost and fertilizer contain organic elements and trace minerals which strengthen a plant's ( Full Answer )

How can I make my beard grow faster?

Although genetics play a major role in how your facial hairappears, whether your beard is patchy or full, there are some things you can doto help it along and promote your best beard growth and fullness.It may be helpful to know that generally the first couple weeksof growing a beard are the toughes ( Full Answer )