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In Japan there are more than thousand of festivals.

But most famous festival is ''Tanabata''.

We wish about lot of things!

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Q: What festivals does Japan have?
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How many festivals and ceremonies in Japan?

there are 2500 festivals and ceremonies in japan

What festivals do Japan celebrate?

Many festivals are celebrated in Japan. The Doll festival and New Year's are popular festivals that are celebrated in Japan.

How often does Japan have festivals?

See website: Japan

What does Japan call its festivals?


What role does music play in Japan?

entertainment and festivals

What is the most popular season for festivals in Japan?

duhhhhhhhhhhhh winter!! >.<

When is Japan's cherry blossom festival?

Cherry blossom festivals can be viewed from January to June in different regions in Japan, but most of cherry blossom festivals fall between March to May.

Where are kimonos worn?

Kimonos can be worn in Japan during certain festivals.

In japan What clothing is traditionally worn at festivals or celebrations?


What are the dates when everything in japan shuts down?

during festivals and celebrations

What term is defined as festivals of Shinto origin in Japan that are related to the cultivation?


What are some similarities and differences between Australian and Japanese culture?

Similarities> Celebrate Christmas, New Year's Eve and New Years (festivals)> Christian community of Japan celebrates Easter, majority of Australians celebrate Easter (festivals)Differences> Language (Japanese - English)> The rules Japanese and Australians followe.g. (Japan) Respect elders, making apologies, declining an invitation (w/o saying 'no')> Festivals are traditional in Japan, Entertainment and Social festivals in Australia

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