What fighter did Sugar Ray Robinson knock out going backwards?

he knockedout plenty of fighters going backwards caused he loured them in towards him and catch them with combination while they come after him Gene Fullmer (b. July 21, 1931) is a former American middleweight boxer. Fullmer was born in West Jordan, Utah and raised as a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons). He began his professional career in 1951 and won his first 29 fights, 19 by knockout. Fullmer won the world middleweight championship on January 2, 1957 when he upset the legendary Sugar Ray Robinson by winning a 15 round decision. On May 1, 1957 they fought a rematch. The fight began as expected with Fullmer using his strength, and awkwardness to bull into Robinson and force him onto his heels. In the fifth round Robinson, while backing up, lashed out with what has been called the perfect left hook. It caught Fullmer flush on the chin and knocked him cold.