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The war years saw a lot of innovation in firearms design, but many of the arms were used in, and prior to, World War I. Since fully-automatic weapons have had restricted sales since 1934 I have no personal experience handling and shooting these arms due to their high cost and limited availabilty. I do own a few bolt-action and semi-automatic rifles that were used in this era. There were several arms that were developed during the war, some were mass-produced and others never made it much beyond the prototype stage. The single-shot Liberator 45 ACP handgun is one example of a WWII curiosity. Germany actually experimented with rifles that utilized barrels that were bent up to 90 degrees to fire around and over obstacles. Since this was a "world war" many nations and the arms adopted by their militaries saw action in the conflict. Nations involved in the war also shared arms and technologies in arms design and manufacture. In addition, companies that did not manufacture arms, but had manufacturing facilities and equipment that could be used to manufacture firearms parts or complete firearms were often contracted (or forced) to do so. The U.S. M1911A1 pistol is a great example; they were made by several U.S. companies during the war years including IBM, divisions of General Motors, and Singer (sewing machines). German Mauser rifles were made in some of the countries that Germany occupied during the war. Anyone that can build upon (or completely rewrite) what I've typed here is more than welcome to do so. I'm not professing to be an authority here, but this information is acurate to the best of my knowledge. This should be a good starting point to launch your Google searches for more information! UNITED STATES M1 Garand, semi-automatic rifle M1 Carbine, semi-automatic rifle (later version fully automatic) M1903 Springfield bolt action rifle .30-40 Krag-Jorgensen bolt action rifle M1A1 Thompson SMG (sub-machine gun) Browning BAR full-automatic light machine gun Browning M1919 Machine Gun (belt fed) Browning M2 50 Caliber Machine Gun M1911A1 Semi-automatic pistol M1897 Trenchgun (shotgun, 12 guage pump) GREAT BRITAIN Lee-Enfield bolt action rifle, .303 British Caliber Bren Machine Gun Sten SMG RUSSIA Mosin-Nagant bolt action rifle SVT-40 Semi-automatic rifle PTRS-41 heavy sniper rifle PPSH-41 SMG Tokarev TT-33 semi-automatic pistol GERMANY M1898 Mauser in various configurations (models with shorter barrels) Gewehr M43, semi-automatic MP40 SMG STG Rifle FG42 Light Machine Gun MG 42/43 Heavy Machine Gun 9mm Luger pistol 9mm Walther P38 pistol JAPAN Arisaka bolt action rifle Type 99 Machine Gun Type 100 SMG Nambu pistol

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What was the French currency used during World War 2?

The French used the franc during World War II.

Was the word tummy used during World War 2?

The words tummy and belly were used during the world war 2 era.

Who else used propaganda during World War 2?

Everyone used propaganda during World War II and most of it was untrue.

What war was dynamite used in?

Dynamite was used in World War 1, but stopped using it during World War 2

What was the French currency during World War 2?

The French used the franc during World War II.

What were railroad cars used for during world war 2?

They were mostly used for the transportation of Jews to and from concentration camps during the Holocaust, which was during World War 2.

How many submarines did Japan have in World War 2?

During World War 2, it is reported that over 2,000 variants of Japanese Submarines were used during World War 2. Out of this, it is estimated that 10,000s were likely to be used during WW2.

What were used in World War 2 but NOT in World War 1?

Bombs were invented during WWI, But they were not used until WWII.

Who produced 97 percent of the nations firearms during the civil war?

Smith & Wesson I disagree. Smith & Wesson was a British company. Most of the firearms used during the American Civil War were Springfields. Of course, more pistols were made than rifles so the answer could also be Colt.

What new technologies were unleased during World War 1?

Advanced battle tanks, advanced firearms, advanced submarines, and the list goes on and on!

Were both Nitrogen Mustards and Sulfur Mustards used during World War 1?

No the nitrogen mustards were stockpiled during world war one but, they were never used.

Who used antifreeze during world war 2?

Germany used antifreeze and other substances during World War II. The Nazis used it to keep soldiers addicted and under their control.

What gas was used as a weapon in World War I?

Mustard gas was used inside the gas bombs during World war 1

Who first used mustard gas in world war 1?

The Germans used mustard gas during world war one.

How many rifles were used in World War 2?

Over 100 million rifles were used during World War 2.

What type of weapon was NOT used in World War 1?

One type of weapon that was not used in World War I was the atomic bomb. The technology was generated during World War II.

How is a war today fought differently than it was during the Revolution war?

We have bigger better weapons. The fighter's back then used swords and primate firearms. Today we have better shelters

Did Americans have limited access to firearms during the revolutionary war?

They did have access to firearms in the revolutionary war. Of course you might have heard that they didn't use them in some battles. I hope that helps!

Was matches around during World War 2?

Yes, and during World War 1, and lighters were also around for both world wars. Actually, matches have been around for a very long time. They were used to light cannons and early firearms called matchlocks. They had to be lit from a fire, however, and self-striking matches were not invented until the 19th Century.

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