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Defibrillation is given by an electric shock via the AED.

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Q: What first aid is given in electric shock?
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What first aid you should apply to an electric shock?

For minor electric shock treak like a burn.

How do you apply first aid for electric shock?

An electrick shock usually needs no first aid. If it is really bad, call 911.

What is the first aid treatment for electric shock?

Electric shock will cause central nervous system failure which leads to respiratory and cardiac failure - hence the treatment will be CPR.

When would it be dangerous to give first aid for an electric shock?

Not at all unless the electricity is still connected to the patient so ensure it has been turned off first.

What first aid should be given to person with electronic burns?

Give him a very strong electrical shock of 500 to 600 volts.

When should first aid be given?

First aid should be given when someone's bleeding or injured.

What happen if first aid is not given?

If first aid is not given then the patient bare the pain and can cause death.

What is inappropriate aid?

Inappropriate aid is when aid is given to people, but they can not utilize that aid because it is inappropriate. e.g. if you were to give a family in the highlands of Nepal a electric oven when the do not have electricity.

Who is discovered FIRST AID?

No one could have discovered first aid. First aid just describes the aid that is given FIRST. It refers to the basic treatment of injuries.

When was the first electric mixer invented?

Herbert Johnston invented the first electric mixer in 1908. It was sold by Kitchen Aid.

When was the first hearing aid invented?

Hearing aid trumpets were used as early as the 16th century. The first electric hearing aids were invented at the beginning of the 20th century as electric amplifiers.

First aid treatment?

first aid is an immediate but temporary treatment given to a person in case of accident or sudden illness when there is no doctor around. sprain,fracture,dislocation and cramps can be given first aid treatment

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