First Aid

What first aid treatment should be administered in the case of a burn?

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2015-03-02 23:46:18

cold water

Cold water stops the "cooking" of your skin. Once it has been

cooled down the burn can be assessed for treatment. If it is minor

use a water soluable product like Burnfee gel to continue cooling

it, and to give relief from pain. If it is more serious, a product

called Burn Relief can be used as a treatment and dressing in one.

It is also water soluable. If a doctor has to be consulted, and you

have used a greasy ointment on your burn, it will have to be

scrubbed off, and that will really hurt!


Never put any ointment on a burn that has broken the skin - and

never burst blisters. A recommended dressing for a bad burn needing

treatment is Cling-film, to keep out infection, but do not apply

too much pressure with it.

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