What fish can live with a Betta fish?

Male and female Bettas are peaceful fish and can live separately in a community tank with other fish. However,the males should not be placed with fish that have long showy fins like angels. Females can only be introduced for breeding then should be moved to another tank. They love to swim so please don't force them to live in a cramped bowl.


Male betas can do fine with other fish, however the other fish cannot have long fins (I have had mine live in a tank with a variety from fiddler crabs, glo-fish, tetras, ghost cat fish, all fish that did not have long fins). Fish with long fins will create the same issues as putting a male beta with another male and fighting can result

Female betas can live fine with other fish. Sometimes they can be aggressive with other females but that is not that common, especially if in a large tank.

Mixing a male with female there can be some aggression when the male is interested in the female, this can lead to breeding (which can result in you having up to 500 betta fish to separate and care for!). Make sure there is plenty of room and hiding places so that the female can escape male advances. Betas prefer calm water, though I have placed in tanks with slow water circulation and with several areas with very little circulation allowing them to be comfortable and not stressed.

Long story short: If tank has fish that do not have long fins, that there is plenty of room/space, and water that is not too swift, betas should thrive fine.