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Q: What fish is found on floridas aquaculture licence plate?
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What is the name of Floridas tectonic plate?

The North American Plate.

licence plate NC?

who owns vehicle with licence plate ABN 4886

Can you change the color of your license plate?

No. The licence plate cannot be altered.

Can you have less than 7 digits on a license plate?

Different countries have different rules for licence plate formats. The question does not specify a region for which you wish to know about the licence plate.

Can you use an antique license plate only on a car from the year of the plate is from?

The only antique licence plate allowed on the road is a new one issued by the DMV that says antique or classic automobile. Using some old licence plate you found is not allowed, the only time it will be allowed is if the registration has been paid all these years but the plate never changed.

What is front son license plate?

Front Son is a Mexican Licence plate.

What is the state licence plate?


Is it OK to have a Montevideo license plate on front of vehicle and Florida license plate on the back?

No, in Uruguay is obligatory to have the legal licence plate in the back. You can use the other legal licence plate they give you in the front also or put whatever you want.

Who gives you a licence plate?

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).

Are mini bikes street legal in AZ?

No you have to have a motorcycle licence , licence plate, and motorcycle registration through the MVD.

How much does a licence plate sticker cost for a car?

depending on state

What is the licence plate on the president of united state car?

n0r t13

What did the DeLorean's License plate read?

In back to the future, the delorean time machines licence plate read 'outatime'.

How do you replace license plate bulb on 2004 crv?

how do you replace a honda crv licence plate bulb on a 2004

How do cops tell if licence plate tags are stolen?

Cops can find out if a license plate is stolen by running the tags.

Where should you place the personalized license plate in Ontario?

A government issued personalized Licence plate just mounts in the same location as the plate it is replacing.

What color was the 1955 Nebraska car licence plate?

yellow with black letters

When do you need to purchase a licence plate sticker?

In Massachusetts, when you register and insure vehicle

Where does registration sticker go in states with two licence plates?

On rear plate

What is the number for the licence plate light on 1999 ford explorer sport?


Where are you allowed to place stickers on a vehicle?

Top right courner of a licence plate.

How can you find the owner of a vehicle by their licence plate?

If you are a police officer then watch it on your computer!

Where on the vehicle is the gas cap of a 1994 Fleetwood Cadillac?

behind licence plate

How much does a license plate for a second car cost in Florida?

The price for a licence plate for Florida is $200 American dollars.

License plate lights do not work?

i replaced the fuse on my 2006 chey colrado licence plate and it still doesnt work