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No fish live in Antarctica. Antarctica is a continent and fish live in the sea.

In the Southern Ocean that surrounds Antarctica, you can find 18 pages of fish listed in this link:

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What types of fish live in Antarctica?

lots of types of fish live in Antarctica such as the ice fish and the krill fish

Do fishes live in the antarctica?

Fish are marine animals. Antarctica is a continent. Fish do not live on continents.

What type of fish is on the Antarctica?

Fish don't like to live in ice of Antarctica .

Do fish live in Antarctica?

Yes alot of fish do

What kind of fish live in antarctica?

Antarctica Icefish, Antarctica Toothfish, and Antarctic Silverfish

What do small fish that live in Antarctica eat?

Smaller fish.

What foods do they eat in Antarctica?

animals that live in antarctica like fish

Where do pengins live?

They live in Antarctica. Penguins love to have fish.

What type of fish live in antarctica?


Do clown fish live in antarctica?


Does the clown fish live in Antarctica?

No. Fish do not live on continents. This is an animal that prefers warmer water than can be found in the Southern Ocean that surrounds Antarctica.

Do herring live in Antarctica?

Herring and other fish populate the southern oceans *near* Antarctica, but none of them live either "in" or "on" the land of Antarctica.

Animals and plants that live in Antarctica?

Penguins Seals and Fish. Some thing polar bears live there but they do not live in Antarctica, they live in the arctic.

What water animals live in Antarctica?

penguins, fish do

Is there any fish there in the Antarctica?

Antarctica is a continent and fish live in water, in this case, in the Southern Ocean. Yes, there are fish in the Southern Ocean that surrounds the Antarctic continent.

Where does the icefish live?

The ice fish dig holes in glaciers in Antarctica and live there.

How do fish in antarctica not freeze?

Antarctica is a continent and fish live in liquid water. The Southern Ocean's water is cold, yes, very cold indeed, and fish that thrive there have adapted to this, their natural environment. Antarctica is surrounded by the Southern Ocean.

Do fish live in the middle of the atlantic ocean?

fish live in all parts of all the oceans around the world even in Antarctica

What do penguins eat and where do they live in antarctica?

It really depends on the penguin but most live around the edge of Antarctica, most penguins eat squid, krill and fish

How are fish adapted to live in Antarctica?

Fish are sea animals, and do not live on the Antarctic continent. So long as the sea is liquid, sea animals -- fish -- find this a natural habitat.

What kind of fish are in antarctica?

Antarctica is a continent and fish live in the Southern Ocean that surrounds the continent. Types of fish include whales, cod, and more. You can review the Living Treasures list here:

What fish live in the Antarctica?

frill flat head any fish that u can think of i did lots of different fish i nmy projest and got an a +

Do fish in antarctica freeze?

No, the fish in Antarctica adapt to the environment's temperature.

Do solid fish live?

Yes. They live at antarctica. They have 27 babies in a day. Their hobbies are "socializing" which is having SEX

Do any fish starting with x or z live in antarctica?

z=zoo plankton

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