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# Physical # Emotional # Intellectual # Social # Spiritual The Physical Dimension involves firstly, the natural world consisting of incorporated matter, and secondly, the use of the five physical senses: eyes for sight, ears for sound, nose for smell, taste buds for taste, and nerves for touch and feel. The Emotional Dimension involves the soul and the ego; both of these experiencing stimuli in a spectrum of feelings that range from pain to pleasure. The word itself suggests "a moving", and this implies forces which have direction. While they can both be taught, fear becomes primarily an instinctive emotion while love becomes essentially intuitive. Affections and desires can become soulish, ego- driven, excessively emotional impulses. The Intellectual Dimension brings together both conscious and unconscious aspects of the mind which is designed to coordinate physical functions and sustain mental activities by means of logic, reason, knowledge, and belief. The Social Dimensionprovides for communication and association between individuals and groups. The effect of people upon one another, their behaviour, the development or breakdown of their relationships, the requirements of their communities and their organisation as a society, their culture, and the environment they exist in, and generate; all these give rise to the social dimension into which the other dimensions mesh. The Spiritual Dimension is the breath of life in humanity that is capable of God-consciousness, and of communication with God, as different from the soul which is self-conscious, and the body which is world-conscious. It has been said that mankind has an inborn desire to worship someone or something, and as history shows, there is much debate about who or what this should be. It could be said of those who deny their spiritual dimension, that they worship their own opinion. There are many ways of expressing a heart-felt conviction that God is worth worshipping, but for a Christian, singing His truth and uttering His praises, praying sincerely, preaching His gospel, giving and serving, fellowshipping with other believers, and living in obedience to His revealed will, are evidence of such a commitment. Interactions: Ideally there should be balance and harmony between these five interactive dimensions, not in there being equal giftings, talents and abilities in all dimensions, but in each responding and cooperating with the other in ways that are mutually beneficial. Temperaments and tendencies vary from person to person. Some are more physical, some more emotional; some are more intellectual, some are more social, and some are more spiritual than others. Any excess in one area will place stress on the others unless compensated for. The biblical wisdom and knowledge that produces a happy interaction of all five dimensions, and the heavenly resources available through the spiritual dimension, are able to prevent negative emotions such as hatred, bitterness, self-pity, lust, greed, envy, and jealousy, from ruling a life in ways that bring psychosomatic and mental illness, burn-out and despair, destruction, defeat, disorder and tragedy. Galatians 6:8"For he that sows to his flesh shall from the flesh reap corruption: but he that sows to the Spirit, shall from the Spirit reap life everlasting." Matthew 7:7 "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and you shall find; knock, and the door shall be opened to you:"

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7 Dimensions of the Human Person: * Physical * Spiritual * Mental/ Intellectual * Moral * Social * Economic * Political

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Tang ina mo is answer

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GOD CREATE THE HUMAN BEING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GOD CREATE THE HUMAN BEING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

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the four dimensional are (joanne).(jhanica).(jennifer)and (rhiza)

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