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Q: What flag does the Disney cruise line sail under?
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What type of resort is Disney cruise line?

The Disney Cruise Line is a cruise line paradise resort.

When was Disney Cruise Line created?

Disney Cruise Line was created in 1995.

Is Disney cruise line connected with carnival cruise line?


Is Disney cruise lines actually owned by Disney?

Yes. Disney cruise lines is owned by Walt Disney company. Disney cruise line is located in port canaveral Florida. The president of the cruise line is Karl Holz.

What are the release dates for Disney 365 - 2006 Disney Cruise Line?

Disney 365 - 2006 Disney Cruise Line was released on: USA: July 2010

Who own the Disney cruise lines?

The CEO of Disney Cruise Line is Karl Holz

Who owns Disney cruise ships?

The Disney Corporation owns the Disney Cruise Line and all of its ships.

Why is Disney cruise line the cruise to go on?

I recently went on a Disney cruise, and it was the second one I've been on. The food is amazing, the service is great, the excursions were fantastic, and there was always something to do while you were on the cruise. I would definitely recommend the Disney Cruise Line.

Do Disney cruise ships have a casino?

No, Disney Cruise Line ships do not have casinos aboard.

Does Disney own carnival cruise line?

No. Carnival Cruise Line is owned by Carnival Corporation

What are the different packages for a Disney Cruise Line?

"There are many different packages that be bought for a trip on a Disney Cruise Line. You can go on a wedding cruise, from Europe to Alaska, and through the Caribbean."

Will Disney Cruise Line expand for a fifth ship?

Yes, Disney will expand for a 5th ship. Disney Cruise Line Cast Members will tell that Disney plans to create 6 ships in total.

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