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What flower do you give to a girl?

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roses, dafodils, pansies...

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What does a flower mean to a girl?

if you tell them that they are a flower then that means that they are a pretty. if you give a flower to them it means that you are thinking of them alot and are kind.

What kind of gift do you give a girl on valentine's day?


Do you give something to the blond girl so she will give you the flower in Pokemon diamond? need shaymin in your party if you mean the Gradicea flower

In Pokemon platinum how do you get the Gidea flower?

in floaroma town. a girl will talk about the flower and if you have shaymin in your party she will give it to you

How do you get shamin to sky form?

you give it the gracadea flower. Get it from a girl in floaroma city.

How do you get the girl inside the flower shop to give you the gracidea?

show her event shaymin

What is the best flower to give a girl when you want to start a relationship?

roses! and a note aswell! how would i know? im a girl

When was The Flower Girl created?

The Flower Girl was created in 1972.

Where can you find the gracidea flower in Pokemon soul silver?

Go to the flower shop in Goldenrod city (next to the gym), and if you have a shaymin with you, talk to the girl next to the door and she'll give you the flower.

How come the blond girl in floaroma town does not give you the gracidea flower in Pokemon platin?

you have to have shaymin

How do you get rid of the thing on route 36 in Pokemon soulsilver?

First, you need to battle Whitney, the gym leader in Goldenrod, and defeat her. Then you go to the flower shop and the girl in there will give you the Squirtbottle. Then you spray the tree, which is actually a level 20 Sudowoodo. Then, go back to the flower shop and the girl will give you some flower pots and berries.

What kind of flowers do you give a girl early in relationship?

you should give her white flower which is the sign of peace so that she wouldn't fight with you, than yellow flower for friendship, than pink flower for "i like you" than purple flower "u drive me crazy", than orage flower "i miss u", than finally red rose flower "i love you"

How do you change shaymin's form in Pokemon platinum?

Go to a girl in Floaroma Town and get the Gracidea Flower from her. Give the Gracidea Flower to Shaymin for it's sky form. The Gracidea Flower does not work at night.

How old should a flower girl be?

A flower girl should be 4-10.

Who was the flower girl in American Gangster?

Heavenly Essence Floyd was the flower girl

How do you get a girl to like you by writing poems?

Make sure to include love, wind, and flowers in your poem. Give it to the girl with a flower or jewelery IN PERSON.

How do you get the flower to change shaymin to sky form?

you have to get a shaymin in your party, go to floroma town and speak to a girl there and she will give you a gracedia flower and go into the key items in the bag and use the gracedia flower on shaymin

The girl is not giving you the flower that makes shaymin sky forme?

If this is in Diamond or Pearl, it is impossible to receive the Gracedia flower or Shaymin Sky Form. In Platinum, you must have a Shaymin IN YOUR PARTY and then ask the girl. She should give you the Gracedia flower, but it does not work at night or on any other Pokemon.

How do you give a flower to girl friend in gta san Andreas PC?

just put flower as the weapon and keep on pressing tab until cj gives it 2 her

How do you turn shaymin into a sky shaymin on Pokemon diamond?

You need to get the flower, by taking a LEGIT shaymin to the flower shop, talking to a certain girl, who will give you a flower of which you must use on the shaymin. It will work if the shaymin is LEGIT.

Give five examples of unisexual flower?

aren't hey all unisexual? if you mean their gender is boy and girl.

Where do you find the squrtlebottle in Pokemon SoulSilver?

you defeat one of the gym leaders and then go to the flower shop and a girl will give it to you

What does a flower girl do at a wedding?

a flower girl throws flowers at the groom and bride after they get officially married

Where can someone buy a flower girl basket?

Flower girl baskets can be bought in a wide variety of locations. In particular, flower girl baskets can be easily bought at any local bridal store. Flower girl baskets may also be ordered online.

Action replay garcedia flower for platinum?

what you do is get shaymin with oaks letter cheat then go to floroma city and talkto a girl outside , she will give you garceida flower (or whatever its called).

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