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What food causes tooth decay?

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sugary food. junk food. sticky food.

check out the article in related links.

Sugary and high in caffeine drinks, for instance, soda(coca cola)

--->+acidic ones

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What domain causes tooth decay and food poisoning?


Which ingredient in food causes tooth decay?

sugar is the best answer

What causes tooth decay to appear on your teeth?

Tooth decay is caused by too much sugar in food and drinks. It is also caused by microorganisms from food. They live in your mouth, the longer they stay, the more tooth decay!

What bacteria causes tooth decay?

The Bacteria which causes tooth decay is Streptococcus mutan.

If one tooth decay then it causes to decay other?

No it does't!

Causes for tooth decay and its prevention?

acids cause tooth decay u can prevent from drinking acidy drinks

Does sugar cause tooth decay?

Yes, sugar is one of the leading causes of tooth decay. It is very important to brush your teeth after every meal to avoid tooth decay.

How does plaque cause tooth decay?

When you eat food it builds up and you dont brush u will get tooth decay

What microbe causes tooth decay?

Tooth decay is not caused by a microbe. Yet, the more sugar we eat the more chance of our teeth rotting.

What causes tooth decay and gum disease?

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How does gaging after eating make you have tooth decay?

When you gag, this causes the teeth and gums to be touched by stomach acids. The acid causes the teeth enamel to wear away thus causing tooth decay.

What acid causes tooth decay?

Its not a an acid but a Bactria called plauqe.

What causes tooth decay and acne?

Sodas, Pop drinks, etc.

What causes more tooth decay lemons or limes?

a science project on that

How can the fizzy drinks affect teeth?

it sticks which causes tooth decay.

Where does the acid that causes tooth decay come from and how can you prevent it?

Bacteria that populate the mouth metabolize simple carbohydrates (sugar) and produce the acid that causes tooth decay. Reducing the bacteria by effective and frequent brushing and flossing can reduce tooth decay. Limiting intake of sugar will also reduce decay. There is also a growing body of research that indicates xylitol as a sugar substitute may also be effective in reducing tooth decay.

What causes tooth abcesses?

An infection at the root of the tooth or between the gum and the tooth. commonly caused by severe tooth decay, gingivitis, and gum disease

Why is the tooth decay considered a digestive system problem?

Your teeth are part of your digestive system. Tooth decay weakens a tooth and affects the way a person bites and chews food.

What were the leading causes of death in the years 1600 through 1699?

tooth decay

Eating sugar in meal time helps reduce tooth decay?

Sugar is food for plaque-residing bacteria colonies. They convert the sugar into acid that corrodes toothenamel, causing tooth decay.

What do you do about tooth decay?

Heal your cavities with real food. Go to a dentist, Treatment of caries depends on the extent of the decay.

What is another word for decay?

Rot and decomposition are words for decay. Another word for tooth decay is cavity. Cavities happen as a result of the production of acid by bacterial fermentation of food debris accumulated on the tooth surface.

How does toothpaste prevent tooth decay?

which element present in our toothpaste protects out tooth from the tooth decay?

How does tooth decay begin?

Food particles that settle on or between the teeth which are not removed by brushing will start to degrade the enamel of the tooth causing decay. Also, to much sugar or alcohol can also cause tooth damage.

What is non radioactive decay?

Biological decay by bacteria or fungi (e.g. tooth decay, moldy food, breakdown of rocks by lichen, dry rot).