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What food did the convicts eat?

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Male convicts were allowed a ration of meat per day (1lb of salt pork, beef or mutton) and 1 to 2lb per day of flour or cornmeal to make damper. If there were lucky the meat they received would be fresh but it was usually far from it. The convicts were also supplied with some tea and sugar and usually managed to buy tobacco and rum. Female convicts were given two-thirds of what the male convicts received.

The convicts didn't receive and fresh fruit or vegetables, but those convicts who were lucky enough to receive a good posting were allowed to grow their fruit and vegetables on a small plot of land.

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Life for the convicts?

most people don,t have food to eat. and

How much did convicts eat?

not much. most convicts were given a small bite of bread that would last them only a short while but would be left to starve. many convicts were convicted for stealing food so it was thought that if that was their crime they did not deserve food of any kind.

What do convicts look like?

convicts look dirty with very little food

What food did the convicts eat in Botany Bay?

None. The convicts did not live in Botany Bay, as this site was unsuitable for establishing a settlement. The convicts lived in Sydney, on Port Jackson. Here, they were fed on mainly bread, salted meat, occasional fresh meat, grains and basic vegetables.

What did good convicts get?

Well good convicts got food and water! If they were ALWAYS good they would get a ticket of leave!!!

What Recipes did the Australian convicts eat?

they ate things like sushi and calamari

What rewards did the First Fleet convicts get?

The convicts of the First Fleet were sometimes rewarded with extra rations of food, tea or tobacco. They were also rewarded with reduced sentences.

Did the convicts on the first fleet eat sweets at the end of their meal?

No. Although the convicts were well fed, they were not given the privilege of anything sweet except a small ration of sugar.

What types of convicts are there?

There are many types of convicts but the main ones are government service convicts, assigned convicts, expirees, emancipists and ticket of leave convicts.

What was the most common crime for which convicts were sent to Australia?

Stealing. As a matter of fact, almost 60% of the convicts of the First Fleet were sentenced for theft of items of little value, such as food.

Where does our body get its energy form?

From the food we eat.From the food we eat.From the food we eat.From the food we eat.

What did the convicts eat in New South Wales when they were shipped?

In New South Wales, convicts were given weekly rations of beef, flour, grain, sugar and tea. In some cases, fresh vegetables were available and the convicts could add them to their stew. Female convicts were given less rations than males based on their work being less strenuous.

What was life like for convicts at Morton bay?

Spartan, with hard work and basic accommodation and food.

Why were most convicts poor farmers?

Most convicts were just poor. Not nessesarily farmers. They were forced to steal from people were well off. They would steal mostly food or possesions that they could sell on.

Why did the convicts on the First Fleet not get good food?

The voyage lasted eight months - with no refrigeration it was salted meat, and the crews and guards had the same food.

What kind of food do Hispanics eat?

Hispanics eat food that Americans would eat but mostly eat food from their culture.

How were convicts treated?

The treatment of convicts were very poor. Convicts were always asked to do as told,convicts sometimes got dirty jobs like cleaning their masters chamber. Thus I think that convicts were treated horribly.

What food does a rose eat?

They do not eat food. They prepare food by photosynthesis

What were conditions like on the ships in the first fleet for the convicts and marines?

Thanks to Captain Arthur Phillip, the convicts on the First Fleet were subjected to better conditions than convicts of subsequent fleets. Phillip was, in fact, harsher in his discipline with the marines and sailors than he was with the convicts. He was concerned at all times for the convicts' health, trying to give them sufficient rations of food and water, and allowing them above decks for some exercise and fresh air as often as was possible. He knew that they would be invaluable to the building of the new colony. Phillip avoided having the convicts come above decks when the ships hit the rainstorms and wild weather once they crossed the equator, because he knew they had no linens or blankets to dry themselves, and he wanted to limit illness among the convicts. The women were subject to be used promiscuously by the sailors, but in many cases they were quite willing to sell themselves for a bit of extra food. The marines had fairly close quarters themselves, only they weren't restrained. Their food was the same as that of the convicts but they had more of it. Conditions were best for the officers.

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What political affiliation are convicts?

The same as a non-convicts.

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