What food do people in Serbia eat?

Food preparation is a strong part of the Serbian family tradition. Serbian food is strong, based on meat mostly and the produces of milk - cheese, kaymak and other varieties of sour cream. Traditional food includes soups, stews, smoked meats, minced meat ( cevapcici and meatballs), stuffed vegetables (such as peppers) and kebabs. A dish of mixed grilled meat is a speciality. Fish is used in chowders and is grilled and fried. Bread and side salads are eaten with starters and main courses. Salads are made from a variety of fresh and pickled vegetables such as beans, cucumbers, onions, peppers tomatoes and sauerkraut.Fruit and nuts are used in desserts, for example, strudels, pancakes and pastries.

Alcoholic drinks are wine, beer (very good too!) and brandy; plum brandy ( Å¡ljivovica ) and grape brandy (Lozova rakija) are popular. Coffee is usually Turkish or espresso.