What food do sea otters eat?


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Sea otters can eat the following




and other small animals that can fit in their mouth.

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Can sea otters eat humans? no

because its their food, they usually eat shellfish and fish

In the sea, they love to eat clams from the sea bed.

starfish, clams, and mussels

Yes, orcas eat sea otters.

what kind of food do otters eat

Probably because it is food they like that they can catch.

The otters favourite food is sea urchins.

Alligators DON'T eat sea otters, Killer whales (orcas) do!

they eat deer, Elk, bear, sea lions, seals, sea otters, salmon, Halibut, and Shellfish to accompany food.

Sea Urchins eat kelp forests, but sea otters help the forest because they eat the sea urchins.

Sea otters have to eat at least 25% oftheir body weight each day.

No! Sea otters eat mollusks (small octopodes, clams, mussels etc.).

Transient whales, will occasionally take sea otters.

Sea otters are eaten by orcas (killer whales.)

Sea otters eat a wide range of food, slow moving fish and marine invertebrates such as abalones, clams, crabs, mussels, octopuses, prawns, sea urchins, sea cucumbers, scallops, snails, squid, and starfish.

sea otters eat sea urchins

Sea otters are secondary consumers. This because sea urchins are primary and sea otters eat sea urchins.

Mother sea otters nurse their young. They aggresively defend their young from intruders. Baby sea otters are called pups. The pups are weaned at 14 weeks. By three or four months, Giant River otters eat solid food.

cougars dont live in the same ecosystem as sea otters

Sea otters eat invertebrates such as sea urchis, clams, crabs, etc. And they sometimes use rocks to break open their prey.

Yes a sea otter will eat a shark more often than a shark will eat it. Since otters have sharp teeth they can turn around while being chase by a shark and eat it. Otters and whales will eat sharks and they eat plants and algae which make them omnivores. That is why they are the top predators in the ocean food chain.

not exactly. some sharks will take bites and kill the otters but spit them out because they do not taste good.

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