What food do they eat in France?

Generally speaking, the French eat well, and have a balanced diet, which is one of the reasons why life-expectancy in France is very high. They prefer eating slowly, to fast food. some people eat pizza at some times.

breakfast : usually, french people take bread and pastries (croissant, a pain-au-chocolat (a square-shaped chocolate-filled pastry)) with coffee, tea or chocolate. While breakfasts are usually avalaible at your hotel, you will have a much more typical one in a café, with croissants and espresso!

Lunch, from noon to 2 PM : some restaurants offer special menu for lunch ( usually displayed in front of the restaurant as "special midi")

Dinner beginning usually at 8 PM

Snacks : you could taste french crepes, waffles, ice creams and also delicious pastries in "salons de thé" during the day. But you may also find cakes and pastries to take away, at every "boulangerie-pâtisserie". You will also find small stands selling sandwiches, pizzas or french fries during the day.