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What food is Louisiana known for?

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it is known for shrimp and other southern foods

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State Most known for there food?


What is Louisiana most known for?

Louisiana is best known for The Battle of New Orleans, martigras ,cajin food, and Cajun's.

Is Cajun food hot-?

Yes, Cajun food is known to be hot and spicy. Cajun food is found in the state of Louisiana primarily.

What food is most identified with Louisiana?

Cajun food is most identified with Louisiana.

Are diamonds found in Louisiana?

Louisiana is not known for its diamond sources.

What city in Louisiana is known as the frog capital of the world?

Rayne, Louisiana, is known as the frog capital of the world.

What is uranium used for in Louisiana?

Louisiana is not known as having uranium mines.

Who mapped the Louisiana territory?

It is not known who mapped the Louisiana territory. The Louisiana territory was established in 1805 and became the state of Louisiana in 1812.

Who was the Louisiana Purchase purchased from?

The Louisiana PurchaseThe United States acquired Louisiana from the French in 1803 in what is known as the Louisiana Purchase. George Washington

Diamonds mined in Louisiana?

Louisiana is not known for its diamond mines, because there are none there.

What types of food do they grow in Louisiana?

Sugar is the biggest food crop grown in Louisiana, followed by rice, soybeans and corn.

What fish is Louisiana known for?


What are Counties in Louisiana known as?

Parishes Improved Answer: Im from Louisiana so what the heck is a county????????

What state is known as the bayon state?

Louisiana is known as the "Bayou State"

What food do they make in the Louisiana?

kajun food, Cotton, crawfish, Seafood,

Who are the oldest known Indians in Louisiana?

The Atakapa

What state is known as the creole state?


Was Louisiana one of the original thirteen colonies?

No it wasn't. It was bought from the French, and was known as the Louisiana purchase.

What food is Louisiana famous for?

barbecue sandwich

What does the Louisiana black bear eat?


What kind of food represents Louisiana?


What kind of food does Louisiana produce?


What did Acadians bring to Louisiana?

food and music

Where did the Acadians settle first in Louisiana?

For the food that was there.

Why did people want to come to Louisiana?

Mardi Gras in New Orleans is a tourist destination. Also New Orleans is well known for good food and restaurants.