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Q: What food is stollen in Germany?
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What type of food is stollen in Germany?

stollen is a cake [lots of marzipan used] that is eaten around Christmas time in Germany

What food is stolen at Christmas in Germany?

"stollen" is a type of cakestollen, it is a type of cake

Where does stollen originate from?


Where is stollon cake from?

Stollen is from Germany

What is the traditional Christmas bread of Germany called?


In Germany what is stollen?

It is a fruit bread with a roll of marzipan in the middle.

What happened to bobby's food truck on lizard lick?

It was stollen

What sre some foods in germany?

currywurst, bratwurst,Bratkartoffeln, Aachener Printen, Stollen

Typically eaten during at Christmas stollen is a bread-like cake most closely associated with Dresden Where?


What is in the center of a Stollen?

the first l is the center of stollen

What is Stollen?

Stollen is a dense, rich bread with butter, dried fruit, candied peel and spices. Some versions are quite sweet and may include marzipan or nuts. The top is often covered in icing/powdered sugar. Stollen is traditionally baked for Christmas or Advent in some parts of Germany, and possibly originated from the desire to have a more festive and flavoursome bread in the time of Advent fasting.

What country does stollen come from?

Stollen is a traditional German fruit cake.

What kind of food is german stollen?

Stollen is a very tasty bread filled with nuts and fruit. It is not so much like American fruitcake, but more pastry-like. It can be a little heavy, but is usually very flaky and of medium sweetness. Often it is covered with a glaze or icing, but not always. It varys from region to region.A Stollen is a german loaf-shaped cake containing dried fruit.

tell me if stollen ?


Stolen pictures on facebook?

if you take the picture as stolen, it is called as stolen picture... so,it is a stollen pic... and when u uploaded it... it is a stollen picture.. ^_^

Is Stollen masculine or feminine?


What would you find in the middle of Stollen?


What is a Rich sweet bread with nuts?


What food do people eat in Switzerland on Christmas?

I don't really know about what they eat, like for roast dinner but I know that they eat a traditional German cake called Derr Stollen

What food is German?


What is a Christmas cake filled with fruit and nuts?


Was the Mona Lisa stolen?

It was stollen, but I don't know who.

How many car are ther in Nigeria?

well that depends, registered or stollen

What specific food comes from Germany?


Where did stollen come from?

where dose stollon come from ittly is the anser