What food makes flamingos orange?

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Flamingos eat large quantities of shrimp.

They eat Spirulina -- a species of algae found only in a few lakes in Africa, the main one being Lake Tanganyika, which is the second- largest freshwater lake in the world.
Spirulina has a HUGE amount of carotenoids in it (several versions of vit A that make carrots have their orange color) which is why flamingos are pink. It is a very nutrient-dense food, and is one of the few foods that is considered to be 100% nutritionally complete. In other words, an animal can survive solely on spirulina -- and that is exactly what flamingos do.

There's NO way the person who first answered this question could honestly mistake algae for shrimp...they are not even in the same Kingdom of living organism...my sincere recommendation: do not answer questions if you aren't sure of the answer. You might get someone in trouble.
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Why is baby food orange?

Not all baby food is orange. Some baby foods, like strained green peas and green beans, are green. Some, like bananas, are yellow. Orange baby foods might include carrots and sweet potatoes.

What is a flamingo?

A flamingo is a long legged pink feathered wading bird of Africa.It has a large down turned beak for sifting shallow lakes for shellfish etc which maintains the pink plumage. The broad pink wingshave black wing tips. There was also an aircraft of the 1930s called the De Havilland(UK) Flamingo. It wa ( Full Answer )

What color do orange and green make?

If the overall primary colours are equal mixed, then mixing green and orange will create black. If they are unequal, they will create brown.

How do you make orange food coloring for icing?

You mix yellow and red food coloring. Add to your icing until you get the shade you want. More yellow will lighten the color and more red will darken the color.

What noise does a flamingo make?

The sound made by a flamingo is not nearly as beautiful as their appearance. It is one that is difficult to describe. It sounds something like a warbling squack.

What makes orange?

When mixing paint or dyes to make orange you need to mix red and yellow

What foods do flamingos eat?

They usually eat fish or scraps of food they can find. They like sea food -- prawns and other sources of fish. Their beaks are shaped so that they can sift-feed brine shrimp and blue-green algae.

How do flamingos get their food?

They catch the food by putting their heads down, putting their beaks in the water upside down, and using their beaks to extract spirulina, which are definitely not shrimp (they are blue-green algae--not even the same Kingdom). Flamingos do this using bristle-like structures in the mouth as a filter, ( Full Answer )

How do the flamingos get their food?

They get their food by sticking their head in the ground almost using their beak as a drill and getting food from the ground,somtimes they stick they beak in water. They eat by putting its head upside-down into the water looking backwards. It takes in water that is rich in tiny organisms and filters ( Full Answer )

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It's orange! (when oranges were first grown, people did not know what to call them. some people called the "the orange/an orange" ex. "want to have an orange?" because it was so orange, and since nobody could think of a better name, it stuck!)

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Mostly oranges and carrots, some food have either an orange skin or orange flesh such as pumpkins, gourds and mellons.

A pink flamingos food chain?

A Flamingo eats brine shrimp and blue green algae, plants at the bottom of a river or pond and other little fish and creatures on the sand bed floor. The flamingos feathers are pink because brine shrimp bare reddish orangey colour. A flamingo will sooner then be eaten by ferel pigs and other large a ( Full Answer )

Can you show me a flamingo food chain?

A Flamingo feeds on Brine shrimp and blue-green algae, the flamingo had pink feathers because of it's diet, the shrimp. Flamingos will then be eaten by bigger predators like wild dogs and ferel pigs.

What is the food value of the pith of an orange?

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Whhat makes a flamingo pink?

What makes a flamingo pink is the food it eats like shrimp considering shrimp is a pinkish color and also other pigments they eat.

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Who's food? I don't totally understand the question but, leaves that have changed from green to another color no longer make food for the plant from which they originate. Also, if this was the answer you were looking for, maple, birch, cherry, and Virginia apple leaves that have turned can make ve ( Full Answer )

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Red and yellow ink. Im not sure if this is what you were looking for but i hope i helped

How do flamingos make birth?

The male flamingo (a bird) has sex with the female, she lays an egg, and a short time later, the baby flamingo hatches from the egg.

Do shrimp make flamingos pink?

Yes,it does and also other pigments because shrimp is pinkish so it turns flamingos pink they are originally white when they are born.

What is the flamingo food chain?

food chain....... i am not sure but they eat...... . Blue, Green, Red Algae . Larvae from Incests . Crustaceans . Mollusks . Small Fish Hope that Helps

What makes the orange peel orange?

the skin of the orange absorbs every colour of the spectrum -red, orange, yellow, green, blue ,indigo ,violet - except orange--- that's why its orange :)

What can you make out of an orange?

Many delicious things! One of my favorites is orange sweet potatoes - slice an orange in half, scoop out the insides (remove seeds), and slice into small chunks. Follow your favorite sweet potato recipe, though before cooking, mix the chunks of orange into the uncooked sweet potato. Scoop this mixtu ( Full Answer )

Do flamingos eat oranges?

they shouldn't eat them they should eat meat i think but if u feed them oranges they will eat them even though their not healthy for them

What makes orange pasta orange?

Colored pasta is usually made with a small amount of vegetablemixed in with the grain it is made from. I would suspect that driedcarrot or orange bell peppers are the most likely additions.

Does the food flamingos eat make them pink?

Yes. Flamingos' pink coloration derives from pigments called carotenoids, which are the basis of red/pink/orange coloration in a variety of animals. These pigments cannot be generated by animals, but originate in photosynthetic organisms (plants, algae, some fungi and bacteria) and are then passed f ( Full Answer )

What pigments make an orange carrot orange?

The pigment is known as carotene , which is an orange photosynthetic pigment, which just means it is a pigment found in chloroplasts responsible for catching light energy used in photosynthesis.

What can flamingos do?

FLAMINGOS can eat so diff. from humans. They can fly which is also what a human cant do either.

How does flamingo digest its food?

They poo it out I am not kidding. Added by Dr. Misha: uh, yeah, pooing comes After Digestion, which, technically, is the breaking down of food into nutrients which are capable of being absorbed by the body. Without exception, in all birds digestion starts starts in the crop, an organ in the thro ( Full Answer )

What makes flamingos endangered?

Flamingos are not endagered they say they are but there not.But there numbers are dropping quite quiqly so that makes people say that there endagerd

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In the U.S., our food pyramid has changed over the years. The yellow food group no longer exists in the official food pyramid. It used to represent fats and oils, which we our country over-consumes. In addition, fats are included in the protein food group of meat and nuts, though beans do not contai ( Full Answer )