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The scientific answer to this is that there ahas not bee a substantial amount of evidence presented that diet affects Arthritis. aside from the disease Gout in which foods that are high in purines have to be avoided.

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What not to eat for ulcer?

You should not eat the spicy food. You should not eat the fried food. Sour food has to be minimized.

Do you get artritis if you snap or crack your fingers?

Not immeditly but if u do it all the time..... u will get artritis

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You should not eat dog food at all.

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No, they should not. Crab should eat specialized food for crabs, and cats should eat specialized food for cats.

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If we don't eat food we will die

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Jews should eat strictly kosher food.

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you shouldn't, you should eat food grown locally.

Should older adults eat out dated food?

NO!!! No one should eat outdated food.

What kinds of food should you eat on the moon?

on the moon you should eat food that is packaged in an airtight package

What food should a footballer eat?


What kinds of food should German Shepherds not eat?

A German shepherd should NOT eat sweets at all! They should not eat chocolate, onions, or garlic. They should eat a high quality dog food.

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Because if you eat you can die by eating lots of food

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they should not eat chocolate or big chunks of food.

What foods should not you eat to stay healthy?

do not eat junk food and refined food

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Well, it depends on if their health. If they are fat and overweighted, they should not eat junk food. If they are skinny, they can eat it, but not too much.

What are the factor to be consider on how much food should you eat?

Well, the factor that determines how much food you should eat is when you sit down to eat a plate of food you should stop when you feel you are full. However, if you eat too fast and too much you will regret it!!

What from the food pyramid that you should eat less of?

According to the newest food pyramid put out by the USDA, you should eat the least amount of food from the oils group.

Why should you eat all food groups?

We should eat all food groups because each food group has different nutrients that our body needs.

What should you eat for your dinner?


What should we eat you blood type a?

You should eat a healthy diet , and not junk food.

What age should your puppies be to eat food?

they could eat food at 6 weeks or older

Should dogs eat dog food?

Yes, unless they are sick where they refuse to eat their food.

What type of food should footballers eat?

healthy food

What kind of food should hamsters eat?

hamster food

What food to eat after food poisoning?

You should drink coconut water and eat coconut, and eat a little food, and only home cooked food without oil.