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Most foods were rationed; Vegetables, fruit, dairy, meat, sugar, etc.

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Q: What food was rationed in WW2?
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Why was food rationed in ww2?

food was rationed in ww2 because the ships carrying the food were bombed on the way to the UK.

Who was rationed in the World War 2?

Many of the countries who fought in ww2 were rationed. Food and gasoline were two main items that were rationed in ww2.

How did government regulations impact the lives of civilians on ww2.?

they rationed food , gas and other resources. it changed their lives

What food was rasioned in World War 2?

In WW2 lots and lots of food was rationedchocolate,eggs,cheese,oil,potato,carrot and lots more!

Which food was not rationed during the war but was rationed later?

In Britain bread not rationed in World War 2, but was rationed in 1946.

What was ration in World War 2?

Really everything was rationed in WW2.

What food was rationed?

lots of food

What types of food were eaten in Australia in World War II?

Meat, butter, milk and bread were the main foods during WW2 as food was short and these items were rationed out to each family

How do you use rationed in a sentence?

How should the food be rationed in case of emergency.

Which food was not rationed during World War 2 but was rationed after it?


Why is food rationed?

Food was rationed in Britain during WW2 because most food in Britain comes from other countries. This meant lots of ships being used to transport the food. During the war many ships were sunk by German submarines and bombers and food was in short supply. It was fairer to allow everyone a certain amount of food rather than the fewer rich people buying all that was available.

What does rationed mean?

to limit the supply of. ex. food was rationed to prevent a nationwide catastrophe.

Food in World War 2?

Food was rationed because the Germans bombed are supply boats so we didn't have enough food. To share the food equally food was rationed. Not all food were but foreign food. Clothes were also rationed.

What items were rationed during WW2?

In Britain, a large number of foods and other items were rationed. In the US, dairy products such as eggs, milk, and butter were rationed. One result was the wider use of margarine. Similarly, coffee was rationed, leading to a number of substitutes of varying acceptability.

Why were eggs rationed during the war surely the chickens were still laying?

Rationing during WW2 took place mostly because of the huge amount of food required by the military.

What food can be rationed?

all foods

Why food and clothes rationed during the blitz?

food and clothes were rationed during the blitz because people were selfishly using them as dildos.

What is a sentence for the word rationed?

All the food has been rationed.Nylon was rationed in World War 2 because it was needed to make parachutes with.

How did you get rationed food?

u got rationed food by getting a ration book and ticking off what u want and eventually the shopkeeper will then give u the food

Was food the only thing rationed?

No. EVERYTHING was rationed. Tobacco, Rubber, Gasoline, much more

How did rationing in World War 1 compare to World War 2 rationing?

Rationing didn't start until the end of WW1, whereas in WW2 it started almost immediately. The amounts of food rationed were different. In WW2 clothing was rationed. In WW1 the poor civilians were happy with rationing as, paradoxically, they had access to more food and a better lifestyle. However the rich people were not so happy with it and attempted to get more food from the black market. There was a thriving black market during both wars.

Was food rationed in World War 1?

During World War I, food was rationed to prevent food shortages and hoarding of food. Foods that were rationed were sugar, meat, butter, cheese and margarine. Ration cards were issued and people had to register with their butcher and grocer to purchase these foods.

What were the first foods to be rationed?

Sugar was among the first food to be rationed. Others were canned fruits and vegetables.

What was rationed after World War two?


Why did people have rationed food?

Because of shortages.