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Q: What foods are associated with theholaday in sukkot?
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What are the foods that people eat on Sukkot?

Traditional cookies

What foods do Jews eat in the Sukka during Sukkot?

They eat lots of fruit

What are the foods sources associated with and possible contaminants?

what are foods sources associated with it and possible contaminants

Why is botulism associated with canned foods and not fresh foods-?

Botulism is associated with canned foods and not fresh because the bacteria associated with it, Clostridium botulinum only lives in improperly canned and preserved foods.

What are the two most associated foods with Thanksgiving?

The most associated foods with Thanksgiving are: Turkey, pizza, and ham

What do people in sukkot eat?

There are no special sukkot foods, but because the succah is a temporary outdoor living space, some people do enjoy typical outdoor patio cooking. Others just carry food from the kitchen.

What do you eat for sukkot?

There is no specific meal for Sukkot. Jews eat whatever they would like on Sukkot (provided that it is kosher).

How is the Jewish festival Sukkot linked with the environment?

sukkot is the holiday of harvest.

How is sukkot and simchat Torah are related?

Simchat Torah is right after Sukkot.

What food poisoning is associated with processed foods and temperature abused foods?


What day of the year is sukkot celebrated?

In 2009, Sukkot will be October 3rd to the 9th

What is a sukkot prayer book called?

It's called a machzor shel sukkot.

What is the sukkot festival about?

sukkot is about the gratitude to g-d for keeping us in the desert protected by the clouds of glory, our sukkot nowadays are to remind us of that protection

Processed foods and temperature abused foods are most commonly associated with poisoning?


What poisoning is most commonly associated with processed foods and temperature abuse foods?


Processed foods and temperature-abused foods are most commonly associated with poisoning.?


What is sukkot in Arabic?

Translation: Eid al-Mathal (عيد المظال) or As-Sukkot (السوكوت)

What is another name for sukkot?

If you're referring to the 'feast of Sukkot', another word for it is 'tabernacles'

What are foods commonly associated with Baltimore?

Crab cakes.

What are the foods or sources associated with salmonella enteritidis?


Which of the following foods is a source of protein?

meat or associated

Do you have to stay at a hotel to celebrate Sukkot The Philadelphia Church of God does this?

No, there is no requirement to stay in a hotel during Sukkot. In fact, the requirement of Sukkot is that you build a temporary shelter to sleep in.

Processed foods and temperature-abused foods are most commonly associated with poisoning?

Botulinum Neurotoxin

What does sukkot mean?

It means "huts," because we eat in special huts on the 7 days of the festival of Sukkot.

Who is involved in sukkot?

Sukkot is celebrated among Jewish families, and special prayers are added in the synagogue services.