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What foods are healthy?

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Apples. Oranges. Beets. Asparagus

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What makes fast foods healthy?

Actually, its not healthy. Fried foods aren't healthy. Period.

Is it healthy to eat junk foods?

no it is not healthy to eat junk foods

Why do you eat healthy foods?

You eat healthy foods to stay healthy and keep away from diseases and flu's

Are most healthy foods are healthy?

most can be but not all. Diet is as important as the foods.

Why are healthy foods important?

healthy foods are important because tthey give you energy

What is Dean Foods's motto?

The motto of Dean Foods is 'Healthy Foods, Healthy Families.'.

What are 3 sub topics for an expository essay on healthy food?

The Benifits of Healthy foods, The cost of the foods, and Whats in the foods

What healthy foods begin with t?

Fruits and vegetables are healthy foods. Tomatoes, tangerines and turnips are healthy fruits and vegetables.

What are some healthy foods that start with every letter of the alphabit?

Some healthy foods apples brocoli carrots Some healthy foods apples brocoli carrots

How do you know what foods are healthy for you and what foods are not healthy for you?

Foods that are low in sugars and oils are going to be the more healthy foods for you. Stores such as Whole foods and trader Joes carry all sorts of healthy foods for the body. Talking to a nutritionist or your primary care physician would help to get a better idea on which types of foods are more healthy for you. Everyone varies according to age, weight, and special diet issues.

Examples of healthy foods?

What is healthy depends on individual needs. There are no foods that arehealthy/unhealthyfor everyone.

Why are some foods better for you than others?

because some foods are healthy and some are not healthy!

What foods are extremely healthy?

There are many foods that are extremely healthy. A healthy diet includes a wide variety of vegetables, fruits and whole grains.

How can you have a healthy pregnancy?

Eat some healthy foods as opposed to junk foods, in addition, ask your doctor on extra recommendations to a healthy diet.

Why is healthy living foods healthy for you?

Well, healthy foods are healthy because they contain nutrients and other vitamins for your body. You also need a certian amount of the nutrients and vitamins to be healthy. And when your healthy, you're living healthy. Did that answer your question?

What healthy foods can you eat?

There are many healthy foods you can eat such as bananas, oatmeal, fish, vegetables, etc.

How you can keep your stomach healthy?

you can keep your stomach healthy by eating healthy foods

Is canned food healthy food?

Most canned foods are healthy foods, such as green beans, corn, and beans.

How does dieting affect your metabolism?

The healthy foods you eat make your metabolism faster because the healthy foods boost it :)

What are some healthy foods that has to do with meat?

Some foods are chicken and chicken is healthy unlike bacon which is goid but unhealthy

What are the foods that gives us energy?

Usually the foods that our healthy

What are healthy foods in canned foods?

Ones that are low in sodium.

How do you make sure your heart is healthy?

By eating healthy foods

What do you think about eating healthy foods?

Eating healthy foods keeps yourself healthy so its a good idea to eat them. It is also part of a balanced diet.

What is healthy for your child?

Healthy products and healthy foods are good for your child. Sunshine and exercise.