What foods are native to the Irish heritage?

depending on how far back into history you wish to go, but since c.1600 the potato has had a central role - on its own, in stews, in bread, eyc. fish has always been important - in a mainly catholic country where meat was forbidden every Friday and for all of Lent. - mostly salmon, herring, mackerel and cod. pig meat of all types, especially cured, was the mainstay of most mid to poor families. the bacon was "cured" in brine and hung in the rafters to smoke. bread was mostly in the form of "soda" bread - made without yeast, using buttermilk to activate the soda. classic Irish dishes in the past were Irish stew, colcannon, boxty, coddle,barmbrack, etc. less common now where Irish cuisine is as international as any other.


I do like my bit of soda bread though