What foods are rich in vitamin D?


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The foods highest in vitamin D include fish oil, herring, catfish, salmon, trout, and other fish. Other foods rich in vitamin D include soymilk, Vitamin D enriched milk, Orange Juice and oatmeal.

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Lack of sunlight (it is proven through tests that people who enjoy the actual sunlight tend to produce Vitamin D biologically) Lack of Vitamin D rich Foods Lack of Vitamin D supplements (Which can be avoided in necessity if you eat and drink Vitamin D rich foods and get ample sunlight without over exposure)

To get Vitamin D, spend some time in the sun, take some Vitamin D supplements, or eat Vitamin D rich foods, like raw catfish.

Most foods contain little or no vitamin D.

oranges & banana's have vitamin D

Foods rich in vitamin A are good for Liver.

carrot spinach eggplant orange and those fruits that rich in vitamin D .

The best foods to get calcium and vitamin D are dairy foods like milk and yogurt. Both of these contain both calcium and vitamin D, so try those or a supplement.

Mostly Vitamin A can be found in carrots (carrots are very rich in Vitamin A), liver.

Cod is rich in vitamin B12 and vitamin D.

None. Vitamin D is contained in many foods, but on it's own cannot constitute the main ingredient in any food.

Vitamin D is synthesised by our body in the presence of sunlight. So food is not the source (primary) of vit D. though eating calcium and phosphorous rich foods like Sunflower seeds, bran, pumpkin, milk,green leafy vegetables helps production of Vit D.

Vitamin D deficiency results from inadequate dietary intake of preformed vitamin D, malabsorption of vitamin D, or too little exposure to sunlight. This deficiency may also occur in overcrowded urban areas in which smog limits sunlight penetration. Other conditions that can lead to Vitamin D Deficiency are habits such as smoking, diets which lack vitamin D rich foods, consumption of alchohol, stress and environmental factors.

Fiber- rich fruits and vegetables and green tea. Foods rich in Vitamin A that is good for antioxidant on the skin, Vitamin B- Complex to regulate stress, Vitamin C for immune system and Vitamin E for repairing and healing the skin.

Vitamin D is found in green vegetables and sunlight.Vitamin D occurs naturally in fish and a few other foods. In some countries, staple foods such as milk, flour and margarine are artificially fortified with vitamin D, and it is also available as a supplement in pill form.

Try testing your vitamin D &B12 levels

Vitamin D with some Vit A, E, K and B12

they have vitamin a and d.

Milk has calcium and vitamin D. However, you don't have to drink milk. You can take supplements or eat other foods rich in calcium. 15 min of direct sunlight can provide enough vitamin D for a day for a person.

Mushrooms provide vitamin D, if exposed to just 5 minutes of UV light after being harvested; this is one of a few natural sources of vitamin D for vegans. Very few foods are naturally rich in vitamin D, and most vitamin D intake is in the form of fortified products including milk, soy milk and cereal grains. Currently, there are some companies selling mushrooms that have been exposed to UV light and contain high levels of Vitamin D.

People with a diet of regular and adequate intake of foods rich in vitamin A; or taking vitamin A supplements.

Foods that enhance the quality on your skin. These are typically foods containing vitamin E, and D.

sour fruits such as oranges grapefruits lemons

Carrots and other Vitamin A rich foods.

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