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What foods can parrots and humans share?

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AnswerParrots/birds are lactose intolerant...limit dairy products(i.e cheese, milk). AnswerParrots, from parakeets to macaws, can share lots of foods with their human friends. In fact, the more 'people food' a bird will share, the healthier the bird will be in most cases, with a few precautions!

Never let your parrot have any chocolate, avocado, fresh fruit seeds, iceburg lettuce (that hard white-ish stuff, use the green leafy lettuce like romaine, butter or leaf), raw meat, raw eggs, caffiene, dairy, or alcohol. Other than that, if they enjoy it they can have a bite.

Limit the amount of sugar, fat or salt they get in people foods. One little nibble from a potato chip is one thing, a whole potato chip is, however, not good for a bird.

Pet parrots love a little bird of egg, some of your plain cereal, all fruits except avocado (don't leave seed in), rice, vegetables (both cooked and raw) with raw corn on the cob being a favorite of many, a very small amount of meat but some of the larger parrot love crunching a good chicken bone or even a steak bone and eating the marrow. It will not hurt them as long as you remove the bone within a few hours to ensure that it does not spoil.

In fact, any fresh foods that might spoil quickly, such as meat, milk, cheese, egg, should be removed after a few hours to prevent spoilage.

Remember, a serving for a bird of these people foods is small. One green pea is enough for a parakeet. A few is enough for a medium sized parrot and a small teaspoon full is enough for a macaw or cockatoo.

Mix together a variety of veggies and fruits to create a bird salad for your FID (feathered kid) and include some green leafy lettuce.


My bird loves Cream of Wheat, oatmeal, grits, spaghetti, squash, lima beans, brocolli, unsalted pistacchios, pine nuts, boiled egg whites. Just keep in mind the no-no's (like avocado, definitely limit the dairy) that Bird Lady mentioned, and you'd be amazed how much a bird can share of the healthy food you fix for yourself.

Also avoid garlic, mushrooms and any obvious molds on cheese (even the injected kind in Blue Cheese). Caffeine and fizzy, carbonated drinks can cause problems as parrots can regurgitate but not burp food and the gas can get trapped and cause great discomfort. Some parrots enjoy scattering their food on a surface and rummaging through it as a chicken would do: Looking for that special taster's choice of a seed or nut. But please be careful and note the condition of the scattered food and clean the area regularly: back to the mold issue. Dried foods can and do get mold due to differing conditions in your house and environment. dried nuts can have mold or be rotten inside. Usually Macaws are smart and drop anything that doesn't meet their high standards: but as good parents, we have to watch out as well. JP recommends freezing all seed and foods for 48 hours prior to giving them out and keeping the bulk products in air tight bags until needed. avoid plain white bread as well: nutition is low: Whole Foods and other stores make a number of high seed/grain content breads. You can always ask your local baker to make loaves that have extra seeds/grains and other things you provide baked into the breads. Be friendly; be a known consumer and patron of the store and ask really nice: they have to use their stuff; but if you ask to add more of their stuff: Don't try to negotiate a cheap deal: the cost is the enjoyment of your child and besides: you (we...) like the stuff, and my bird eats everything I do...If he sees me! M&M Peatnuts are consumed under the bed at midnight when i am out of town and can brush my teeth at least ten times: Otherwise he 'knows' I've had something he didn't!

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