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Q: What foods did the Mojave Indians eat?
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What did the Mojave Indians wear?

the Mojave Indians wore loincloths

What was the climate like for the Mojave Indians?

What was the climate like for the fort mojave indians

What is the Mojave Indians staple food?

the Mojave Indians staple food is nuts

What do the Mojave Indians wear?

loinclothswhat do the mojave indians ware

What foods did the Oto Indians eat?


What do Indians eat for supper?

Native foods

Are the Mojave Indians named after the Mojave Desert?

Yes the but the Mojave Indians are named after the desert the desert is named after them because that's where they lived

Why do Indians eat curry foods?

Indians enjoy the flavor of curry.

What crops did Mojave Indians plant?

Mojave Indians grew pumpkins, corn , beans , and potatoes.

What kind of tool did the Mojave Indians use?

The Mojave Indians used bows and arrowsThe mojave Indians used leather sheilds to protect themselvesThe mojave Indians used clubs in warI really hope this helped you find the info you were looking for!!

What food did the Mojave Indians eat?

the mojave indians ate fish,rabitts,lizards,and rattlesnakes they planted squash,beans,pumpkin,maize[corn],and melons women gathered nuts fruits and herbs

Were the Mojave Indians vegetarian?

Even though they ate a lot of plant foods, they also trapped small animals and fished.

What did the Mojave Indians trade?

what did the mohave indians traded

What foods do INDIANS eat?

All sorts of stuff

What foods did the Mingo Indians eat in the 1800s?


What types of foods did Chickasaw Indians eat?


What foods did ancient Indians eat?

rice and curry

How did the Mojave Indians make a living?

Trade, the Mojave Indians traded their goods for other goods or what was money back then.

What types of foods do Indians eat on Easter?

I am a Indian and Indians eat there normal food,e.g chapatti and curry.

Where did the Mojave Indians live?

in Mexico

Where do Mojave Indians live?


What skills did the Mojave Indians have?


Why do the Mojave Indians use transportation?


What Mojave Indians traditions?


What are Mojave Indians?

Mojave Native Americans are a native people to the Colorado River.