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Horses have very different foods they like just like people. Most will eat their regular meals of grass or alfalfa hay and/or grain. DO NOT feed horses grass clippings from lawn mowers. These are VERY poisonous and are very fatal in most instances. There are numerous amounts of plants that are not safe for horses, but most of them are smart enough not to eat it. Do not feed horses very much apples, carrots, treats, sugar cubes, peppermints (not very safe anyways!). These can make them sick and encourage bad behaviors like nipping/biting though especialy make sure they dont eat ANY acorns they are VERY poisonous.

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Which foods do horses not like?

Horses do not like to eat leeks

Why do horses eat leaves?

Horses like leaves. Like we like different kinds of foods.

Which one of these foods do horses not likeLeeks or Beetroot?

Horses do not like leeks hope this helps Racehorses xx

What are some unusual foods horses can eat?

My horses like Cheese puffs, soada,chips, bannas,ceral and cookies :)

Do horses have a preference in treats?

Horses are just like people when it comes to the foods they like to eat. They will eat almost anything that they can digest, and there are foods that should be reserved for treats as opposed to using them as "feed", Most horses like A wide variety of fruits and vegetables, And, To answer what I think was your question: Some horses prefer some treats over other treats that A different horse might like best.

Which one of these foods do horses not like Carrot Hay Straw Alfalfa?

None of the above, they like them all.

What food don't horses' like to eat?

There are many foods horses should not eat (i.e. foods poisonous to horses such as cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, potatoes, tomatoes, etc.). However, the foods horses dislike but are not bad for them vary. Different horses have different food preferences; therefore, it is best to try safe foods for your horse and find out what it prefers. Overall, however, different horses have different food preferences-after all, each horse is unique and has a distinct personality and preferences.

Are horses allergic to any foods?

some are, some are'nt Just like humans, horses are all different. Some horses will be allergic to some things, and some won't.

What foods or medicines can be fatal to horses?

Chocolate can be fatal to horses

Can horses eat onions?

Yes, onions will not hurt horses. NO! Horses cannot eat onions- they are on the "foods not to feed horses" list.

Do horses eat bananas?

Some horses will eat bananas. Bananas are sweet and horses enjoy sweet foods.

What do horses have to eat to be healthy?

Horses have to eat oats, hay and other foods. They also can have nutrients put into their foods specifically made for horses. They can also have treats like apples and carrots. Make sure horses always have water in their stall or pasture too. Change is regularly. Refer to profesionals or horse and barn owners you trust to help you with your horse(s).

What is the 3 main foods that horses can eat?

Horses can eat carrots, apples, and hay!

Which foods do horses primarily eat?

hay and grass

What Foods that are toxic for horses?

well for one i no meat is

What do horses not like?

it depends on the horse some horses may not like what other horses do like

Pictures of what horses like to eat?

Alfalfa Hay Horse Grain There are a few more types of foods a horse can eat l

What are zebras more like horses or tigers?

Horses, they are more like horses

Can horses eat human food?

Yes and no. Horses can eat some foods people eat. a horse can eat almost any vegetable or fruit.The human foods horses can eat are carrots, eggs, bread, apples, oatmeal, oats, they like al kinds of vegetables. they can't eat meat, coffee, chocolate, candy other than peppermint

What are horses carnivore or herbivore?

Horses are herbivores. Domestic horses or horses in training are sometimes fed 'tonic' foods such as eggs, beer, and so on, but their natural diet is grass and leaves.

What foods are treats to horses?

sugar cubes, apples, carrots

Do they use horses to make dog foods?


Do people like horses?

people do like horses

How do horses get their colour?

horses get there color like how we get our skin color. horses are born like that.

What kind of foods do horses like best?

Grass will always be a horses favorite food as this is what they evolved to eat. However good quality hay is a close second to grass. Some horses have a bit of a sweet tooth and enjoy certain types of fruits and vegetables.