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Most green vegetables, or all of them for that matter, give dogs gas. Beans, peanuts, and some meat give them gas, too.

Pretty much anything that gives you gas will give your dog gas if you feed it to him. But it's not just the food which might cause flatulence in your dog. The way he eats can cause it also.

If he's a fast eater and "wolfs" down his dinner he's gulping down air with it as well which has to come out's a cool site on dog flatulence which you might find of help:

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Q: What foods give dogs gas?
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Can dogs eat peanutbutter does it give them gas?

Yes, Peanut Butter is safe for dogs to eat. However, as with any food there are dogs that may have an allergy to the Peanut Butter. As for giving a dog gas, ias with some foods whether or not a dog will get gas or become gaseous from eating peanut butter depends on the dog.

Are grapes worse than chocolate for dogs?

If you want to take care of your dog, don't give them any human foods. Most human foods give dogs worms.

What foods give dogs allergies?

Foods don't give dogs allergies - an allergy is an excessive immune reaction against a neutral protein. Dogs can develop allergies to particular foods, though, and some of the common ones are beef, chicken, pork, corn, wheat and soy.

What foods give you gas?

Petrol or Diesel

What foods give you intestinal gas?

Foods that cause intestinal gas are fiber-filled foods and fatty foods. Usually intestinal gas can be caused by swallowing too much air while eating or drinking carbonated beverages.

What are Healthy foods for dogs?

Most dog food is healthy for dogs, but human food can sometimes be deadly if you give it to your pooch.

What foods are bad for labrador retrievers?

Don't ever give any dogs grapes; they can be deadly, even in small amounts. Also, never give dogs chocolate.

How do cure a dogs eating habit?

You give him or her healthier foods like organic or reduced fat.

What foods will give you blackheads?, chicken, and i think the other one is hot dogs

What foods should you not give your dog?

In general human foods. That's how they become beggars, Chocolate is poisonous to dogs.I am sorry but onions are bad for dogs and garlic is too.

Why do old people fart so much?

Because they eat foods that give them gas.

Why does watermelon give you gas?

watermelons doesn't give you gas. It's you digestive system that will create something in your stomach.Mostly every food gives you gas because the stomach is working and you'll get some gas.So most likely watermelons aren't the only foods that give you gas.

What can you take for passing gas when it smells bad?

Nothing, just watch your diet. Spicy foods, legumes (beans, nuts, etc), any other foods that give you gas should be avoided.

What to give dogs with gas?

A half teaspoon of ground up fennel, right after eating.

Are there foods made of gas?

I don't think there are any foods made of gas! But there are foods that make you let out gas like baked beans!

Is it OK to feed dogs wheat?

Wheat is safe, but it is not ideal. Dogs don't really need wheat or other grains in their diet. Some dogs have trouble digesting such foods, which causes excessive gas and loose stools.

What are the release dates for Top 3 of Everything - 2013 Top 3 Foods That Give You Gas 1-4?

Top 3 of Everything - 2013 Top 3 Foods That Give You Gas 1-4 was released on: USA: 5 August 2013

Does people food make dogs get fat?

Yes, if the foods are high in fat content. It depends on what you give them. Sometimes it can, but it does make them unhealthy, just stick to your dogs normal diet.

What foods can be eaten while taking Avelox?

anything. except pig vaginas. they give you nasty gas.

Can dogs catch gastro from humans?

NO! They can get it by the foods they eat, in some case's the dog may have a twisted gut witch is caused by to much gas.

Does Oscar Mayer Foods Corp. make hot dogs?

Oscar Mayer Foods Corp. makes hot dogs

No gas foods?

usually the quick digest high carb foods are best for "no gas".

Which foods or what in foods causes gas in the human body?

Broccoli,Beans,Onions,Meat,Potatoes are some foods that cause gas.

Are dogs allowed onions?

NO! Dogs aren't humans and their bodies can't process everything the way we do (never, ever give a dog chocolate). Onions and related foods can cause hemophilia (the inability to stop bleeding) in dogs. No onions, no.

What if i just have the mild cramping but not the spotting?

Sometimes the foods you eat when you're pregnant give you indigestion and gas. Its natural. :)