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Your alkali foods are all green leafy salads, broccoli and green vegetables and the like. The acid foods are meats, dairy, eggs and the like. Hope that helps you. Happy eating..

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Q: What foods have an alkali impact on the body?
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What is the impact of chlor alkali industry in south Africa?

The impact of the Chlor Alkali industry in South Africa is that it provided numerous employment opportunities to the South Africans. It has also helped boost the economy of South Africa.

How do fatty foods affect your body?

they keep us warm :P they also protect vital organs from impact! oooooo

Is body cream an acid or alkali?

Body Cream is an alkali. If it wasn't, you're skin would be itching and burning like crazy right about now.

What is the other name of glow foods?

Body-regulating foods

Why is it important to lower the pH of fermented foods?

because otherwise they are too alkali and are dangerous

What is the effects of alkali on your body?

i dow not noo

Lessening Your Glycemic Load?

The Glycemic Impact Diet is based on the premise of how certain foods affect your insulin levels and thus the storage of fat in your body, particularly in reference to carbohydrates. Glycemic Impact Diet Recipes are designed to replace simple carbohydrates, such as white sugar and flour, with more complex carbohydrates, such as whole grains, and vegetables. Glycemic Impact Diet Recipes intentionally use foods with a lower glycemic impact to help control and regulate the body's insulin response. When higher glycemic impact food are called for, they are used in smaller portion sizes in order to keep their glycemic impact relatively low.

What impact does kosher foods have on jews health?

Kosher foods are considered "cleaner."

What part of the body uses organic foods?

There is no difference in how the body uses organic foods, processed foods, or any other foods.

What is the meaning of body regulating foods?

Body Regulating Foods: Body Regulating foods are fruits and vegies that regulates the body system to keep it healthy, strong and to avoid getting sick.

What are body regulating foods and what are its examples?

Body Regulating Foods are also considered Glow foods.. examples of these, are the fruits and vegetables.

What are the examples of body regulating foods?

the examples of body regulating foods are fruits and vegetabls

How do different foods affect your body?

different foods affect your body in different ways

Which alkali metal flavors food?

A salt of (usually) sodium or (sometimes) potassium, combined with the halogen Chlorine, flavors food. Potassium chloride is used by people who want to cut down on their salt for health reasons, but be careful - too much potassium chloride will stop your heart.

Why are indegestion tablets an alkali?

because your body naturally produces acids which can burn your thought so the alkali neutralises the acid to make it not a strong acid

Is soap and water an alkali?

Water is neutral and soap for your face is neutral (PH 7) and soap for your body etc is alkali (PH 8-10).

What does the body not store from the foods we eat?

The body does not store water-soluble vitamins from the foods we eat

How do plants and animals impact on the earth?

eating the foods

What are the disadvantages of inorganic foods?

Impact on health and not healthy

What foods increase body heat?

Great Tea and Coconut Oil are two foods that increase body heat. Peanuts and brown rice are two other foods that will increase body heat.

Are body building foods is the same as grow foods?

no no

Is chocolate an acid or an alkali?

Chocolate is alkali. Acidic foods include: Corn Cola Coffee Citrus fruits Note: It is easy to mix up alkali and acid so be careful when researching! :)

What is the importance of alkali to the living things?

example of an alkali is a soap soap helps us clean our body so it is useful for living things

What common alkali element paired with chlorine provides seasoning for foods?

Sodium which forms sodium chloride or common salt

What is the impact of chlor-alkali industry that produce soap and detergent in South Africa?

The Chlor-alkali industry produces sodium hydroxide (NaOH) and Sodium carbonate. These two products are then boiled with fats and oils to produce soap